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October 13, 2022

'Justice for My Dad' Myron Dewey's Daughter Describes Harsh Road to Justice

Paiute Shoshone Myron Dewey, journalist, filmmaker, and drone activist, was killed in a head-on collision when a truck pulled into his lane on an isolated dirt road near his family's home in Yomba, Nevada, on Sept. 26, 2021. Myron's reports from the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock were shared around the world in 2016 and 2017. Myron was killed one day after live streaming from the Fallon Bombing Range, speaking out against its expansion, and opposing the lithium mine planned for the Paiute Massacre Site at Thacker Pass. The driver of the truck, John Walsh, is scheduled for arraignment on Nov. 8, 2022. Nine months after the head-on collision, law enforcement admitted what was discovered in the driver's blood test at the time. Walsh was then charged. -- Censored News

'Justice for My Dad' Myron Dewey's Daughter Taylor Describes the Harsh Road to Justice

By Taylor Dewey
Censored News

Justice for my dad is calling the District Attorneys office every week for almost a year to get any updates.

Justice is finding out the Nye County Sheriffs office case was closed and arguing with them as to why it was closed so fast and making it a point we lost a great father, friend, family member, brother, and person and that they needed to further investigate.

Justice is calling the Nye county Sheriffs and asking them to provide me with reports regarding the case so I can have my lawyer review them herself to make sure nothing was looked over.

Justice is learning my rights and requesting a FOIA from the Nye County Sheriffs office in which they had a week to get me all of the records regarding the accident including witness reports and statements and they failed to do so and they re opened the case because of ME and my questioning and phone calls.

Justice is calling the district attorneys office and speaking with them to make sure they are charging John Walsh with the highest charges.

Justice for my father is getting John Walsh’s charges from driving on the wrong side of the road to a DUI causing death because I asked them to look closer at this case and I got it re-opened.

Justice is pressuring the Sheriffs office as well as the District Attorneys Office by getting the media involved to shed light on this case.

Justice is speaking to the public on TV about what has happened so it’s not swept under the rug and so everyone knows we won’t be silenced.

Justice is finally getting this case in a court room.

Justice is something my dad would be proud of and nothing less and I truly believe in my heart I have been that person and daughter who has whole-heartedly gotten him justice. Some of you can sit there say you want “Justice for Myron Dewey” and make degrading pages on social media but I am the reason he is getting justice with the help and support from all of you! I’m the reason everyone can attend the court hearing, I’m the reason the case was re-opened, I’m the reason my fathers name wasn't swept under the rug and forgotten about, I am the reason everyone is sharing news articles and news stories regarding the investigation being re opened!!

Please do not forget about the bigger picture here and spread positivity regarding this situation! I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me and my little brother and his mom through all of this. It’s time to stick together and stop being divided because we’re all stronger as one.

Nye County Sheriffs Office: Fatal Accident Report obtained by Censored News.
The following excerpt from the Nye County deputy states that a legal blood draw was to be taken by the Nevada Highway Patrol, from the driver of the truck, John Walsh. Walsh was air lifted to Renown hospital in Reno after the collision.
Above: Excerpt from Nye County Sheriffs fatal accident report.

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