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July 13, 2023

Hate Crime at the Brady Landfill Barricade


Photo Travis Golby CBC

John Sitarek said on Twitter, "Members of Camp Morgan that set up a blockade at Brady landfill cleaned off the debris dumped on the mural. Diane Bousque one of about a dozen people who helped paint it recently said "No matter what you throw on us… we're always going to create something beautiful." 

Hate Crime at the Brady Landfill Barricade

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, July 13, 2023

WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Native defenders and family members of the victims are demanding a search of landfills for murdered Indigenous women. They established Camp Morgan at the Brady Road landfill, after remains of murdered Indigenous women were found here, and set up a barricade on the road Thursday after the city refused to search for murdered Indigenous women at a second landfill.

The City of Winnipeg filed for an injunction to remove the barricade on Brady Road to the landfill, which includes arresting those at the barricade. A judge on Wednesday delayed the decision until today.

Carrying out a hate crime, a man dumped a truckload of dirt and garbage on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, MMIW, mural at the landfill barricade. It was one of two incidents of dumping soil and trash on the mural.

Native protectors located the man shown below, placed red handprints on the front of his home, and dirt, and garbage at his front door. They shouted down his so-called apology, while he was surrounded by Winnipeg police for his protection.  

Hate Crime: An unidentified man dumps dirt and garbage on the MMIW mural on Sunday.

Native protectors located the perpetrator of the hate crime and covered his front door with red handprints, as a symbol of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and put dirt and garbage on his front door. Winnipeg police showed up to protect the man.

The perpetrator of the hate crime offered what he called an apology and was shouted down by a crowd.

Waabishkaa Ma'iingan Naakshig said, "Our women matter! Our indigenous women are not trash! Our women are life givers, Sacred beings that walk on Mother Earth They're the ones who we answer to, they lead us and we must defend them and protect them.

"None of our sisters deserve to be in the garbage dump."

The blockade began Thursday after the Manitoba government’s decision against searching a different landfill north of the city, Prairie Green, where the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran are believed to have been dumped, Winnipeg Sun reports.

"Jeremy Skibicki faces first-degree murder charges in their deaths as well as for the death of Rebecca Contois, whose remains were found last year at Brady Road, as well an unidentified woman that Indigenous leaders are calling Buffalo Woman whose remains have not been found.

"Many of the protesters said they are demanding that both the Brady Road and Prairie Green landfills be shut down and searched for the remains of missing Indigenous women.

"The city originally asked that the blockade be removed by noon on Monday, a deadline that came and went."

Read an update on the injunction at CBC

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