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July 18, 2023

Winnipeg: Canada's Systematic Genocide at the Brady Landfill: Police Expected at Barricade

Winnipeg police removed the Brady landfill road barricade today, Tuesday, after delivering an injunction on Friday. A second camp is being set up at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg.

Update: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Police took down the road barricade at Brady landfill today. So far, Camp Morgan, Longhouse and Sacred Fire are safe. "They want to continue dumping on our children and women who are in that landfill. How would they feel if it was their women and children in that landfill," said Waabishkaa Ma'iingan Apiichaa. "CampMorgan is still Stronger than ever. Police only took the barricade down, but they didn't take the camp. In response, a new MMIW camp is being established at the Human Rights Museum down at the Winnipeg Forks. It's in support to have Both Landfill dumps Searched."

Update Tuesday afternoon: "Barricades were removed, but that doesn't mean it's over. New encampment called 'Camp Mercedes Myran,' who is another woman is believed to be in the same landfill dump with Morgan Harris. This camp will also be established at the Human Rights Museum," 
Waabishkaa Ma'iingan Apiichaa said. In a live video stream, he said the families of victims asked the Warriors to be present.


The City of Winnipeg served the injunction. Police can arrest those at the barricade at 6 pm. Native protectors are demanding a search of landfills for murdered Indigenous women.

Update Saturday: Native Protectors Remain at Barricade after Injunction Served

Sgt. Brian Chrupalo, Metis, Winnipeg Police Service police liaison arrives shortly after 6 pm. Warriors say they are here to defend the women. The police liaison told Native defenders that the injunction had been delivered at 6 pm on Friday and all those present, listed as "John Does" on the injunction faced arrest, not just those listed by name on the injunction. Native defenders stood firm, with more arriving in the evening to enforce the road barricade to Brady landfill. They refused to leave until The City of Winnipeg searched the landfills for murdered Indigenous women. Family members of murdered Native women were among those standing firm at the road barricade.

Bear Clan Patrol makes it clear that this is a police officer, shown above, and is not representing Bear Clan.

Live coverage by CTV News. Screenshots live by Censored News. July 14, 2023

Saturday morning update: Waabishkaa Ma'iingan Apiichaa said, "If something happens to the camp, from police aggression. All railways, highways, and bridges will be blocked."

Pope Francis: It was a genocide against indigenous peoples

Pope Francis confirmed that the Catholic Church committed the crime of genocide against Indigenous Peoples. The government of Canada is equally responsible, it mandated that Native children be seized by the churches, kidnapped from their families, and institutionalized in schools, resulting in an era of abuse, torture, and murder of Native children. Today, the remains of Indigenous women have been found in a landfill in Winnipeg. The City refuses to search a second landfill for other murdered Indigenous women who are believed to be there. On Friday, the City of Winnipeg delivered an injunction for Native protectors to remove a road barricade to Brady landfill. Police are expected to enforce the injunction, continuing this white supremacy and systematic genocide. -- Censored News.

Vatican News: Pope confirms the Catholic Church committed the crime of genocide.

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Mohawk Mothers: In Defense of the Children -- Unmarked Graves at CIA torture site in Montreal

Mohawk Mothers represented themselves in court using The Great Law to ensure the search of McGill University hospital grounds for the unmarked graves of Native children. The CIA used the hospital for MK Ultra torture and mind control experiments in Montreal, Canada. A survivor of her incarceration at the hospital remembers seeing hospital staff digging graves on the grounds at night, and remembers Indigenous children as fellow victims. -- Censored News.
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Canada's Unmarked Graves of Native Children -- 15 Years Ago, Russell Means Exposed 28 Sites

Fifteen years ago, Russell Means, Lakota, released information on 28 sites of unmarked graves at residential schools in Canada. Today, the search is ongoing, as thousands of possible graves have been located using ground-penetrating radar. Widely censored, Russell Means' documentation was published by Mohawk Nation News and Censored News in 2008.

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