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July 14, 2023

WINNIPEG -- Native Protectors Blockade Landfill, Demand Search for Murdered Indigenous Women

Court Grants Injunction: 
Deadline to Remove Barricade Today 6 pm 

Update Native Defenders have been given a deadline to remove their barricade by today, Friday, July 14, 6 pm, or police move in for arrests. "Manitoba's Court of King's Bench has granted Winnipeg police the authority to enforce a temporary injunction to remove a blockade at the Brady landfill.

"According to a court decision made Friday afternoon, police have the authority to enforce the injunction as of 6 p.m. Friday. The injunction allows protesters to remain at their camp they set up, as long as they don't block the road."

Supporters hold their ground at the Winnipeg landfill as the noon deadline passes

"Dozens of people outside Winnipeg's Brady Road landfill have built barricades and are signaling their unwillingness to leave, despite a noon deadline from the city to vacate the area and the possibility of legal action. Cambria Harris, whose mother's remains are believed to be in the Prairie Green landfill north of Winnipeg, is one of the people who called for the blockade to be erected and for others to join the demonstration at the Brady Road landfill." -- CBC's Rachel Bergen reporting.

Live updates from Anishinabe territory at the Winnipeg landfill demanding searches for murdered women believed to be in the landfills here. Police are expected to attempt to remove the road barricade at noon. Victims of the families are here at the barricade, including the daughter of one of the women whose remains are believed to be in one of the landfills. "Canada has so much blood on their hands," one of the protectors said in a live update on Twitter. Press conference soon with Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. Live on Twitter:

"The "Th "The Canadian flag is a symbol of distress." Police are expected to attempt to remove the road barricade at noon today. Chiefs are preparing for a press conference. Here on Anishinabe lands known as Winnipeg, the people demand a search of landfills for murdered Native women. Camp Morgan was visited by six eagles this morning.

"Search the landfills. Our women are not trash"

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, July 10, 2023
WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada -- Native defenders are preparing for a possible police raid by noon, to remove their road barricade, as they demand a search of landfills for murdered Native women. Family members of murdered women believed to be in the landfills are at the barricade. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is preparing for a press conference here.

Protectors blocked the entrance to the Brady Road landfill Thursday afternoon after the Manitoba government announced it would not support a search at the nearby  Prairie Green landfill, north of Winnipeg, for the remains of two Indigenous women. Protectors were served with an injunction to remove the road barricade by Monday at noon.

With support flowing in, Alfred Bone Shirt, Lakota, said, "Saying prayers for your protection, safety, and good outcome for Justice for these Ladies and families, my thoughts are with you, from Sicangu Lakota lands aka Rosebud, South Dakota."

Camp Morgan has been on-site at the Brady Landfill for more than seven months in protest of the way the Winnipeg Police Service investigated cases involving missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls after police found partial remains of Rebecca Contois at the city-run landfill in June.

Cambria Harris, daughter of Morgan Harris, at the blockade today. Cambria's mother's remains are believed to be in the Prairie Green landfill.

Global News reports: Protesters at the Brady Road landfill say they will not budge even if Winnipeg police show up in full force to remove them.

"Members of Camp Morgan, who have been camped out at the landfill just outside Winnipeg for more than seven months, don’t plan on removing the blockade set up on Thursday to protest the Manitoba government’s decision not to search the Prairie Green landfill for remains of two women believed to be murdered then dumped at the site."

"The city issued an order to vacate in accordance with the Emergency Management Bylaw late Friday afternoon, later saying they plan to restore full access to the landfill by Monday at noon."

Act of Hate at MMIWG Mural -- Protectors blocking the Brady Road landfill south of Winnipeg say their resolve is even stronger after a man shoveled a truckload of soil and debris onto an MMIWG mural near the blockade Sunday.

CTV News reports: "Heather Stefanson said the province would not move forward with a search of the Prairie Green Landfill north of Winnipeg. Winnipeg Police believe the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran are in the landfill.

"Alleged serial killer Jeremy Skibicki has been charged with their deaths, as well as the death of Rebecca Contois, whose partial remains were found last year at the city-owned Brady Road Landfill."

Photo courtesy Camp Morgan

Camp Morgan said:

"We are here for a reason!
We are here for our sisters.
Our mothers.
Our daughters.
For all our relations.
We are here to demand that Brady Landfill be searched, not only for the remains of Morgan, Marcedes, and Buffalo Woman, but for all MMIWG2S! We are here to demand that further dumping on the remains of our sisters ceases immediately."

Rebecca Contois, who remains were found at Brady landfill. The remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran are believed to be at the nearby Prairie Green landfill.

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