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July 14, 2023

Winnipeg Hate Crime: Dumping on MMIW Mural -- Police and Media Defend Perpetrator

Winnipeg Hate Crime: Dumping on MMIW Mural -- Police and Media Defend Perpetrator

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada -- Winnipeg police arrested a 19-year-old who threw a rock through his window -- but not the man, Kyle Klochko, who committed the hate crime.

Klochko dumped dirt and debris on an MMIW mural at the Brady Landfill barricade site, honoring Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

In its news report, Global Winnipeg focuses on Klochko's side of the story -- and doesn't call it a hate crime, even discussing whether Klochko needs future police protection. The Global Winnipeg news report calls Native protesters "an angry mob."

It does report that 45 people were outside his home on Wednesday evening, calling him out for what he did, for three and one-half hours. It shows red hand prints on his front door, the words MMIW in red on his sidewalk, and landscape debris at his front door. It also airs the voices of those who say Klochko's "apology" outside his home was not sincere.

A crowd of police showed up to protect Klochko after Native defenders arrived at his home. He dumped a truckload of dirt on the MMIW banner on the road at the Brady landfill barricade, where Natives are demanding a search of landfills for murdered Indigenous women.

On Thursday, a judge delayed the decision on the City of Winnipeg's request for an injunction, and arrest of those at the barricade.

The MMIW mural at the Brady landfill barricade, shown being cleaned off after one of two hate crimes of dumping soil and debris on it.

Kyle Klochko dumping a truckload of garbage on the MMIW mural.

Global Winnipeg's report on Twitter

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