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Friday, August 14, 2009

Censored media, the only direction now is up

Censored News
By Brenda Norrell
Photo: Native children call for a halt to uranium mining in the Grand Canyon in July 2009. Photo Brenda Norrell.

From the Havasupai gathering to halt uranium mining, to the Obama administration's continued abuse of Indigenous Peoples and people of color in the US borderzones, the mainstream media is silent.
CNN continues to fuel racism in the US and broadcasts as truth the lies that fuel wars, while distracting the public with trivial gossip in Hollywood.
The torture continues under the Obama administration and the war continues, just moved to a new location in Afghanistan, so the blood of America's youths can water the economy and pad the pockets of war profiteers.
After working as a news reporter for 27 years, in both the American Indian and mainstream media, I've a pretty good idea of what is being censored, what has always been censored. With the new economic low, news reporters are increasingly lazy and complacent. The news is too dismal to spend much time commenting on.
What is really needed now is for those aspiring to be great journalists to research the corporations targeting Indigenous Peoples' land and water around the earth, show who the corporate owners are, the connections to politicians, where the money flows and the abuses of Indian people, which includes displacements and assassinations.
If Obama wants to honor American Indian heroes, he could begin with those who have been fighting the good fight, battling mining, power plants, racism and oppression in their homelands. But of course that doesn't keep the war machine going, or the profits flowing to General Dynamics and all the other war profiteers.
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