Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sundance Chief to fast at White House for Peltier

"Sundance Chief to Fast at White House in Honor of Leonard Peltier: Seeks meeting with President Obama"
As a result of Leonard Peltier's recent PAROLE DENIAL, Sundance Chief Ben Carnes, a member of the Choctaw Nation, will go to Washington, stand & Fast in front of the White House between September 5 - 12, 2009, in hopes of securing a meeting with President Obama.
As a written, request for a meeting with President Obama made by The Leonard Peltier-Defense Offense Committee was denied earlier this year by the White House
We are also calling for a 24 - Hour, World Wide Birthday Vigil on September 11th , beginning at 8:45 AM through September 12th , 2009
Leonard Peltier has reached International celebrity, based upon critical questions surrounding his conviction in 1977 in the deaths of two FBI agents. Amnesty International has designated Peltier, as a Political Prisoner in which a U.S. prosecutor has admitted in court during an appeal hearing that he did not know who killed the agents and cannot prove who did. A federal judge who heard this statement was unable to afford any relief, wrote a letter to Sen. Inouye to ask the President to grant Clemency.


Mimi said...

If anyone has heard from Ben in the last 24 hrs, Please contact Michelle Red Elk or Neyom Friday. We are hearing that there is a health concern.

Mimi said...

We have spoken with Ben and his indurance, dedication and tenacity are amazing. Please offer prayers for him, for those who support his action and for Leonard peltier.

There will be a prayer vigil in Lafayette park (Across from the White House DC ) tomorrow morning starting at 8:45 est. Ben says he expects a large supporter turnout and will attract the media's attention.