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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tar Sands: Obama failing promises on global warming

Reversing this permit is key.
Tar sands-based gasoline is expected to have a very significantly higher greenhouse gas impact than normal gasoline, probably putting it on a par or worse than coal, due to all the extra energy required. The tar sands development process itself is like combining open-pit mining with petroleum refining, "cooking" sediment to release the fuel. It destroys ecosystems.
President Obama made some strong statements against global warming earlier this year on a visit to Canada. Unfortunately, the Administration did not follow through.
Contact ask the Administration to reverse the Enbridge Energy/Alberta Clipper pipeline permit decision, denying a tar sands pipeline.
---------In a decision issued on August 19th, Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge BJ Jones declined an attempt by Enbridge LLC to keep members of the Leech Lake tribe from voting on Enbridge’s contract with the Leech Lake Council. The decision keeps alive a David versus Goliath lawsuit between members of the Leech Lake tribe and Enbridge LLC.
The previous week, Leech Lake tribal members went to court to seek an injunction to revoke permission for Enbridge Energy Company to build its pipeline on Leech Lake Tribal land.
"Controversial Enbridge pipeline permit sparks criticism in Canada, U.S.
Today staff
The U.S. presidential permit granted Thursday for Enbridge's controversial Alberta Clipper pipeline has launched environmental protests on both sides of the border, with opponents vowing a legal challenge.
According to a coalition of environmental and Native American groups, the decision goes against U.S. President Barack Obama's promise to cut global warming pollution and America's addition to oil while investing in clean energy.
The groups — Earthjustice and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy as well as the Canadian and American offices of the Sierra Club and the Indigenous Environmental Network — have vowed to challenge the decision in court.
In addition, the indigenous network based in Minnesota is looking into the validity of the permit, as it wasn't signed by Hillary Clinton, U.S. secretary of state, as required. Marty Cobenais of the network said it was signed ..." (30 August 2009)
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