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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stephanie has flown home

Memorial for Stephanie M. Schwartz
January 17, 1947 - August 17, 2009
Sunday, August 23, 2009 : 1:00 p.m.
Boulder Lodge, Boulder Colorado
Ceremony led by Lakota elder David Swallow, Jr.
Monday, August 24, 2009, 11:00 a.m.
Graveside Ceremony
Riverside Cemetery, Denver, CO
In memory of Stephanie Schwartz
It is always sad to receive the news that a Good Heart has flown on to the Spirit World, especially so with the passing of Stephanie Schwartz. She was a writer and a founder of an organization to help Lakotas on Pine Ridge and promote the traditional way of life. As sad as it is, she will certainly be happy in the Spirit World, where she will reap the bounties of her good life. She will be missed here at Censored News, where she contributed articles and shared news. Stephanie will also be missed in the global effort of those struggling for good, for Indigenous rights. She will be missed by the people she helped the most and all those who persevere in the ways of the Spirit. -- Brenda

In memory of Stephanie M. Schwartz
Written by Els Herten
We just received the sad message that our dear friend and colleague Stephanie
M. Schwartz has passed away.
Stephanie was a writer, poet, journalist (member of the Native American Journalists Association and contributing writer to the Native American Times), editor and the president of the Link Center Foundation.Stephanie worked as a counselor, lecturer, and mediator between cultural traditions for 13 years. She was a volunteer to the World Peace and PrayerDay non-profit organization and Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota,Nakota, and Dakota from 1999 to 2003.She was also an author and Web master for Web sites relating to indigenous traditional cultures, information, and charitable activities, such as Wambli Ho / Voice of the Eagle; Miracle's Website; He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society,for Thurman Horse, Lakota Artist, the Kanasita Foundation, and for Chief Arvol Looking Horse.
She was a member of the Board of Advisors for Native Village Publications --an award-winning Internet Native American educational and news non-profit resource; a volunteer for Dreamkeepers, an organization promoting the recording and publishing of indigenous wisdoms from around the world; founded by writer/journalist Harvey Arden.Stephanie Schwartz was a contributing author to national and international news organizations such as Country Road Chronicles, Native American Times, Lakota-Dakota Journal, Well Nations Magazine, Namaste Magazine, Sacred Hoop Magazine, and more.
She also volunteered for winter holiday toy drives for the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation since 2002. These toy drives were originally initiated by Wambli Ho News and the He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society and are currently continued by the Kanasita Foundation. And a volunteer for heat and utility assistance program for the Elders of the Lakota Reservations of South Dakota sponsored by the Link Center Foundation since 2005.
Stephanie was a volunteer editor for indigenous writers and elders.
And Steph was one of the VIPs who signed the International Peltier Forum letter to raise awareness to Leonard Peltier's case. Her contributions to the Lakota people have been plentiful and compassionate. Stephanie kept us all aware of what was going on in Lakota country. Her articles were eye-openers to many, and a constant reminder toall of us of the struggles Lakota people still face today.Stephanie M. Schwartz was a true gem. It was a real honour knowing her and working with her. She will be missed and remembered.
Els Herten
coordinator KOLA / IPF
And Who Will Cry
Dedicated to my adoptive brother, Tiblo Kangi Sapa, my friend, Wanbli Cikala, and others your world has lost....
Warriors don't cry
So they say
Be strong
Mourn not, grieve not
Yet who will cry
Who will shed the water
To feed the spirit
And heal the people
Keen and wail
Tatter the clothes
Cut the hair
Sing the pain to the stars
Sound of power
Carrying aloft the soul
While tears soft and loud
Nourish those left behind
Warriors don't cry
A fallacy
Earth mothers know the strength
Female Warriors cry
by Stephanie M. Schwartz© March 3, 2004Brighton, Coloradofor more poetry by Steph, please visithttp://fiveminutes. homestead. com/AndWhoWillCr y.
HTML American Indian Homeland Security "Fighting Terrorism Since 1492"Support UNA, do your part on
Stephanie M. Schwartz
January 17, 1947 - August 17, 2009
Today an Eagle feather fell to Earth.
In loving memory, Maka Nupa L.Cota
Today our sister Stephanie, dropped her robe and made her final journey into the West. Through the light of the summer day her spirit walked alone, and unafraid into a clear blue sky. Free at last of the pain and suffering of this world, she walked straight and tall. This kind quiet gentle woman who was known to many, and loved by all made her final decision to end her suffering. Stephanie was a warrior, and a protector, her strength was felt by those who were unable to help themselves. She was a person who understood the meaning of forgiveness and love, she also knew the pain suffering of this world. Creator has a bigger plan for us than we will ever know. We must have courage and faith. Stephanie's time here was well used for the people.We human mortal beings may never know the answers to this woman’s pain; but we can honor her life and her courage. The way she lived her life left a lasting impression for those who will come after her seeking answers to the suffering of in this world. The kindness in her eyes and the sorrow that she also had suffered was reflected in the way she cared for others.
Always the helping hand and smiling person with the wonderful laugh she blessed many with her kindness. I know that Creator will welcome her into the lodge of her people and that she will find eternal rest and peace at last. May her spirit be welcomed by her sister and brother warriors, who gave their lives, and danced for the people. The many elders she offered her home and kindness to through out the years I am sure will be waiting for her.
Stephanie my dear sweet sister, my heart will forever walk with you, and my love goes with you. Until we meet again I will hold you in my heart. The prayers of our people all over the Earth are with you, may your journey take you home to the land of your people.In loving memory: Maka Nupa L.Cota

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