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MNN: Capitalist moral reality


Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Aug. 13, 2009. Capitalism is based on a few ruling elite exploiting Indigenous land, stealing our resources and enslaving everybody. The worldwide economic melt down shows that people are resisting. They want something new, not a system of privilege for a few.
Capitalism does not meet human needs. It is breaking down. The oligarchs want to avoid losses. Violent struggles are breaking out. They scream the need for an international government in the hands of a few to protect their interests.
This economic collapse came at the same time as when we Indigenous began to object to the decline, decay and extreme parasitism of these greedy oligarchs. We began to resist the destruction of our environment, the dissolution of social programs, jobs and our lives.
The oligarchs do not work. They treat workers like slaves. The capitalists sit back and take at least 40% of the profit. The economy has gotten smaller with less to make, take or share. To keep money coming in, the capitalists moved companies to third world or off-shore locations to exploit cheaper labor. For a time the profits increased by reducing the cost, making more products and not raising the prices. Microsoft and Walmart used cheap labor in China.
The US encouraged spending on credit. Buying and selling increases the value of the share but not the value of the asset.
The real value of a house might be $150,000. The market inflates it to $500,000. The banks, insurance and other middle men pocket the difference of $350,000 by passing the property around and bailing each other out as if it’s a $500,000 asset. If the owner defaults on the mortgage, they foreclose on the loan and seize the house. They make money without investing a cent!
The European bourgeoisie ran world finances after WWI. After WWII global stabilization relied on the bankers to manipulate Indigenous resources. Europe and Japan became dominant through higher technology and superior production methods. The US dollar became the international currency based on $35 per oz. of gold. In 1971 it collapsed when Nixon suspended the gold standard. The U.S dollar was treated as if it was gold and became the world currency. The U.S. has deteriorated in the world economy and the dollar is now declining in value.
Mergers and acquisitions created monopolies with control in the hands of a few. A company was taken over and then put out of business, to eliminate competition and to control the market. The financiers make money in the process. Then they use the profits to buy other companies. The emphasis is on short term gain for themselves rather than long term good for the people. The taxpayers are forced to cover the fall out.
Companies pretend to own Indigenous resources. Our land and resources are put up as collateral to gouge money from the public on the stock exchange. This is fraud. Then the oligarchs pocket the money.
The capitalist system is parasitic and corrupt. The middle class have been impoverished. Workers pension schemes are being bankrupt and robbed to impoverish us in our old age. Medicare may not be around for us.
Today monopolies want unionized workers to accept a two-tier working condition and pension system, one for the older generation and another for the newly hired. The capitalists want the new workers to lower their standard of living, work harder and longer for no benefits and less money. Millions of desperate displaced workers are being created into an army of migrant slaves without any rights.
Private ownership of production and wealth is in a clash with the real needs of society. The old oligarchs are desperately clinging to their class privilege. They are obstructing sensible solutions because it would undermine their wealth, status and desires. They have control of the money, government, state machinery, army, police and prisons.
The world needs to be transformed into another level of consciousness. The resources have to be preserved and everybody has to be equitably looked after. The U.S. is falling behind. This is leading to fierce competition which could lead to war. People need to demand an anti-war government.
The strategy of corporate raiders is lay offs, union busting, wage cuts and reducing benefits to control the wealth and the people. Capitalism’s downfall will lead to violent political convulsions, dictatorships, rampant militarism, fascism and, maybe, war.
We Indigenous must stop the looting of our resources. The true custodians of the land and resources have a rich political history that is based on everybody being equal, having a voice and a concensus on how we shall proceed. The Great Law is a true democracy based on our relationship with the natural world and preserving the environment. The time will soon be here where we will have to look after each other. Stock up and grow gardens!
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