Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Support for Big Mountain

Sheep Dog Nation Rocks, Chief Loner: "Not yer typical Injun. Grew up in the wildlands of Big Mountain and raised by an intelligent and loving parents that did not speak English, but they still practiced the ancient traditions of natural-sustainable lifestyles. Today, I am not so concerned about being a Loner, but very proud and honored to carry on the wisdoms taught to me by Mom and Dad, and all the wise ones from the Big Mountain country. Yea'go'h, Ni'zhoni!"

From Carina: Subject: Ways to support the People on Big Mountain
1. Upcoming Annual Food and Supply Run organized by California based rock group Clan Dyken for Thanksgiving week. Check out their website and reports from previous years on their many years of support for the people on Big Mountain. This group have made the journey to the Land in fall and spring for many years, and they have done a wonderful job.
They are currently raising funds for the Thanksgiving Give Back food and supply run, and they also need volunteers. Please go to:
2. Through Kristin Hood and Bob Malone of Voices of the People organisation, we have learned that volunteers who have knowledge on repairing solarpanels are needed on HPL. Maybe someone would even know of companies that could offer to donate solarpanels to families on Big Mountain.Contact Bob Malone at: or Kristin Hood at:
3.Ongoing Documentation project by way of film is being carried out by Bahe Katenay. Go to
to learn more and to contact Bahe.
There are many needs on Big Mountain and Black Mesa. Many up there are struggling for survival, with everything from, loneliness, getting drinkingwater, food and daily chores, fuel and wood for heating and cooking, medicine and many more things.
Volunteers/supporters are always needed to stay with families up there.Contact Black Mesa Indigenous Support for more info.
Send me your ideas and suggestions, please.
with warm greetings from Carina--------------------

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