California: Stop the Eviction of Miwoks

The California Valley Miwok Tribe
"The official and legitimate Tribe"
Help the California Valley Miwok Tribe
Keep Their Land — Stop The Eviction!
California Valley Miwok Tribe - Tribal Land
10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212
Friday, January 15 th, 2010
Gathering at the Tribal property throughout the day followed with a
Candle light vigil to be held after sunset
1hour Press Conference starting at 3:00 pm
We humbly ask that everyone please bring your medicines, drums, candles, lighters,
wood, lawn chairs, and sleeping bags. Please dress warm. We are asking for singers,
dancers, storytellers and drummers. Also donations of water & non perishable foods,
flash lights, batteries, etc... (Need a portable generator with propane).
All Individuals, Media, Tribes, and/or Organizations are welcome
Our Tribe is facing the threat of a forced eviction on Jan 15 t1i, 2010
Please join us! We need community/public support!
For more information contact the
California Valley Miwok Tribe at (2091931-4567
http:Hca hforniavalleym
California Valley Miwok Tribe (physical address) 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212

UPDATE: Protest at the John Moss Federal Building

SACRAMENTO -- The California Valley Miwok Tribe (located at 10601 Escondido Place, Stockton, CA 95212) held a two day protest, Jan. 6 --7, at the John Moss Federal Building - located at 650 Capital Mall, Sacramento, CA. This building houses the Central California Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Superintendent in charge, Troy Burdick, is responsible for initiating all actions on behalf of the government in working with non-Indian, non-tribal members and powerful and politically connected developers to drive this sovereign tribe and its proud people into financial oblivion to be able to then seize the Tribe's inherent sovereign rights and exploit those rights for their own financial gain.

Due to the nefarious actions of developer-sponsored individuals and also officials within the BIA, the Tribe, is now facing a second threat of eviction on January 15th. One West Bank whom holds title to the tribal property, has patiently waited these long seven months in utter amazement that the federal government has been unable or unwilling to rectify the situation that they themselves have created. The bank now feels that they have no other alternative but to move forward with the proposed eviction.

This new and much more dire situation has not gone unnoticed by the community. The Tribe now has an abundance of organizations and supporters that came together to host and attend an event that not only addressed the disdain felt by all against Interior officials' ineptness but by their criminality against the California Valley Miwok Tribe and her people. The BIA/DOI has so violated the very existence of this Tribe that now it has come down to the question of violations against the members' very civil rights, but now with all the positive energy flowing, this proud tribal nation's search for Justice shall not be thwarted. Being supported by righteous organizations that fight for the betterment of all the peoples whom they represent and now all coming together for one cause. It is truly a strong and positive period in time in this Tribal people's history. This event is just the beginning and it was enhanced even further by the negative presence of the criminal factions attempt to also be there huddled in a little out of the way corner on the federal buildings grounds.

Many new supporters were made and existing relationships strengthened just by these individuals exposing whom they really are. They were so transparent that all whom came to attend in a good way could see their true nefarious and criminal intent. So we thank them also, for it strengthened the spirit and righteousness of the protest.

The winds of change are upon us and a positive river of support is now fully flowing in the Tribe's direction and as the writer of this article I will not taint this now positive force bestowed upon us by the Great Creator by even the mentioning of any of their names for fear of bringing forth the negativity of these criminals that if given the opportunity would steal the identity of this proud tribe so that they and their developer may have a casino that they have no right to.

We would like to thank the creator for giving us the strength to fight for these so many years, for the representation that has now come to assist the Tribe in acquiring legal justice, to all of the individuals who came forth to support the Tribe and to all of the organizations listed below that have assured the Tribe that they shall stand strong with us and that we shall endure.

United Native Americans Inc.
The United Hip-Hop Culture Coalition
Chicano Consortium
Save the Sacred Sites
Vallejo Inter-Tribal of California
The Modesto Anarcho
Justice Reform Coalition
Modesto Brown Berets
Affiliated Obsidian Nation
California Valley Miwok Tribe
Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk
Calaveras Band of Mi-Wuk Indians
Yung Buu Tee Village - Jackson Valley Reservation
San Joaquin First Nations Fellowship
Choinumni Tribal members
Poor Magazine
Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report

The Tribe gives thanks to the Great Creator for your support and allegiance in the continuing struggle to right the injustices wrought against it by those without moral or ethical conviction - together WE SHALL PREVAIL!


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