Socorro County NM: Uranium, DNA damage and mutations

Chernobyl, Iraq and Indian lands
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As Navajos and Pueblos continue to fight new uranium mining, following decades of death and disease from Cold War uranium mines, new research reveals the extent that depleted uranium and uranium mining have, including altering DNA and mutations. Paul Zimmerman shares an article with Censored News which reveals the damage in Socorro, New Mexico, in the region of Pueblos and eastern Navajo lands. Socorro County is located downwind of a DU-weapons testing site at New Mexico Tech.

Paul Zimmerman: Uranium Weapons, Low-Level Radiation and Deformed Babies
"A dramatic increase in the number of babies born with birth defects was recently reported by doctors working in Falluja, Iraq [1]. One of the proposed causes for this alarming situation is radiation exposure to the population produced by uranium weapons."
"Something is deeply wrong with the current science of radiation safety. Given this, statements by the radiation protection community regarding the impossibility that low levels of uranium can cause birth defects are suspect. Numerous studies demonstrate that uranium produces a wide range of birth defects in experimental animals [20,26]. Further, numerous in vitro and in vivo studies conducted in the last twenty years have proven that uranium is genotoxic (capable of damaging DNA), cytotoxic (poisonous to cells), and mutagenic (capable of inducing mutations) [27]. These effects are produced either by uranium’s radioactivity or its chemistry or a synergistic interaction between the two. These findings lend plausibility to the idea that the observed increased incidence of deformed babies in Iraq is related to depleted uranium munitions [26]." Read article:


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