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Monday, January 25, 2010

Olympics VOICES 2010: 'No One is Illegal!'

Take Back our City!
Join the "No One Is Illegal, Canada is Illegal" Contingent

No One Is Illegal-Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories invites our allies and supporters to join the "No One Is Illegal, Canada is Illegal" contingent in the lively Take Back Our City festival and march on February 12, 2010. "Welcome" the 2010 Olympic Torch with Free Games, Free Speech, and Free Food!
Friday Feb 12, 2010 @ 3 pm, Vancouver Art Gallery
Find us near the banners!
Bring your banners, placards, flags of resistance, drums, beats
With the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on Feb 12, we must unite to show our resistance to the environmental degradation and negative impacts to our communities that are a direct result of these Games. Organized by the 2010 Welcoming Committee, endorsed by No One Is Illegal and many of our allies, the Feb 12th protest will include our own games and entertainment and will bring to light the greed of the corporate Olympic circus.
The "No One Is Illegal, Canada is Illegal" block stands against the ongoing colonization of this land, resists the racist and police state, opposes restrictive border controls and the exploitation of (im)migrant
workers, denounces the imperialist occupations waged across the globe by the Canadian government and military, and combats the violence, poverty, and environmental devastation inflicted disproportionately on women and children by corporate profiteers and the capitalist system.
We stand in solidarity with all those against the Olympics and those struggling for a liberated world. We stand for our dignity and self-determination, and rise in struggle against all injustice. Please join us.
~ raise the ground up ~ ignite resistance.

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