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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tellis: Let's put a spoke into Quebec's false claims to Nationhood now!

Let’s put a spoke into Quebec’s false claims to Nationhood now!

By Kenneth T. Tellis

So far the people of the province of Quebec are simply avoiding any mention of what will happen to Indian Territory which they claim is part of Quebec, by simply over looking the fact that the indigenous Indian Tribes were here for millennium Thus the territorial claims lie firstly with the indigenous people of the region and not the Métis (Quebecois) that stayed on the territory of New France that was ceded to Great Britain by France on February 10, 1763.

The Ungava Territory was renamed New Quebec and was put for governance under the province of Quebec but was never part of New France and thus was never ceded to Britain by France, it was purchased by the Canadian government from the Hudson Bay Company of London, England. Since the all the Cree Territory was not part of New France, Quebec has absolutely no claim to it should it ever separate from Canada.

It is now up to the Aboriginal People of the Cree Territories, plus all other territories that are belonging to the indigenous peoples, which about two-thirds of present day Quebec also be part of the new province. That the indigenous peoples of the said region now form their own government and make their own laws, besides declaring that they are henceforth an independent province and not part of the province of Quebec. That all claims past and present to their TERRITORY by Quebec are now null and void. They should begin by issuing of documents such as driving licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses etc. and establish these in fact to obtain international RECOGNITION. To go to the United Nations and state that they are NO longer part of any European colonial settlement or venture but an Aboriginal Nation now out of the control of Colonialist that seized their lands by military conquest and subterfuge. That they are rid of their colonial masters and have thrown off the yoke of European imperialists and seek recognition as all those countries of Africa and Asia did after centuries of European colonial domination. North America is after all the final frontier of de-colonization and the return to the indigenous peoples of all their territory stolen by the European colonial powers.

Now when the sword is at the throat of the Métis Nation of Quebec, we will see how far they can go to annex native lands that were never theirs to begin with in the past or the present.

Photo: 'First walking outside' Cree/Unesco

UPDATE by Kenneth T. Tellis
Karl Marx said that if you want to destroy a people, first destroy their historyIt was after reading this theory that it occurred to me that this theory could not apply to the Métis society of Quebec, while it may well apply to other societies.
So I began to think out and write the reasons for this. Till the Catholic prelate Abbé Lionel-Adolphe Groulx of Vaudreuil came upon the scene there was no such thing as Québécois or Canadien history that one could to speak about.
So, to offset this issue Abbé Lionel-Adolphe Groulx began to manufacture an ersatz history for Quebec. He was in fact really writing a fairy tale that was to affect the very basis of society in the province of Quebec. People, began to believe his ersatz history as being something very real, when it was really the result of a troubled mind that had decided it was going to create a history out of thin air.
The Québécois were not a very intelligent people to start with and the ideas of Groulx gave them both hope and a new vision of how they could create both a culture and a history and a country based upon his views. The only thing lacking with this idea was that it was plainly fiction and not the reality of Quebec (New France) from its early days under the ancient régime till the British took over in 1763. But as we can see the whole idea was pitted with inaccuracies from beginning to end.
As a people the Québécois were neither resourceful nor intelligent and thus used every means to teardown the history and culture of other peoples. The reason for this was apparent, because I was one of those persons who one of these Québécois misfits attempted to debase out of his inherent jealousy. I had written an article on the Journey of the English Language which upset Québécois Colonel Blimp René Sauvé who claimed to have been a Colonel in the Canadian army so much so that he wrote that I had no idea about languages. The article I wrote received praise from overseas sources and it was quoted by many others as being an excellent piece.
Since most Québécois do not have the expertise or experience in the area of history, language or culture they immediately try to find fault with the work of those who are not from their own community as being valueless. Thus these clueless individuals assume that they have achieved greatness by condemning the work of those who do not belonging to their society.
Of course there is a parallel here set by the Nazis in the early 1930s who attempted to manufacture a Teutonic culture by borrowing from the work of other cultures and passing it off as Teutonic culture. Not one of the Québécois leaders from René Lévesque down really had or belonged to a distinct Québécois culture, because none ever existed. That is the reason why Abbé Lionel-Adolphe Groulx tried to fabricate a culture for the Québécois, where none had ever existed before.
There is of course the misconception that Québécois society accept people from other ethnic groups, but that is a fallacy, since the Québécois are trying very hard to remove anyone from Quebec that does not have a Québécois background. There is also overt discrimination similar to that of South Africa, but a lot closer to Nazism.
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