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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music Downloads: Haiti and Lakota Relief

Helping the Orphans & Children of Haiti and Put The Heat On! for the Children & Families of Pine Ridge
By Native American Music Association
UPDATE Monday:
"The contributions continue: Michael DeMaria, Michael Bucher and Jeff Ball have just donated their songs. Nadjiwan, NightShield and Saniya have just contributed music tracks too...Other artists interested in joining the effort to help can send an mp3 to

Through the kindness and generosity of NAMA Artist of the Year, Jan Michael Looking Wolf and Donald Blackfox, CEO of Spirit Wind Records and their artists, NAMA is now featuring a Music Download page where purchased music tracks will go to assist the Native American Music Association with their efforts. Their spirit of generosity and compassion is now shared among other leading music makers, nominees, and Native American Music Award winners who have also donated their gift of song and are now available for 99 cent downloads.All the featured artists below have graciously offered to donate their gift of music where all proceeds from these downloaded songs will benefit the Native American Music Association, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non profit organization and its 2010 programs. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation and thanks to these artists for their generosity, compassion and kindness.
By purchasing and downloading the tracks below, you will be directly contributing to two of the Association's current programs; Helping the Orphans & Children of Haiti and Put The Heat On! for the Children & Families of Pine Ridge Reservation Artists interested in contributing and donating a song to Help Haiti or Put the Heat On! are welcome. Just send your MP3 to
MUSIC DOWNLOADS (go to link, then scroll down):


Music Downloads said...

How about royalty free music downloads?

Alessandro Profeti said...

Thanks for this important news!
I add this in my blog...

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