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Spooks and Apartheid Maker Team Up in Haiti

Spooks and Apartheid Contractors Team Up in Haiti
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Brenda Norrell - January 31, 2010 at 8:49 am

Evergreen and Elbit are flying surveillance over Haiti orphanages
By Brenda Norrell
Photo: Elbit drone

CIA contractor Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., and the Israeli border spy contractor Elbit Systems, have teamed up to fly surveillance drones over Haiti orphanages in the remote mountains of Haiti.
As Danske Bank divested in Elbit investments because of Elbit's ethics violations, Evergreen publicly announced it has teamed up with Elbit for air surveillance of Haiti orphanages.
Elbit, the Israeli defense contractor, built surveillance equipment on the Palestine border. Elbit was subcontracted by Boeing to construct spy technology on the Arizona border.
Evergreen, with long standing ties to the CIA, is based in McMinnville, Oregon.
In Haiti, Evergreen announced it has flown "missions to survey rural orphanages in Haiti employing Elbit Systems' Skylark® I LE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The team flew missions from the mountains of Haiti at 5,200 feet in the vicinity of Port-au-Prince."
"Evergreen Unmanned Systems was supported by Elbit Systems of Israel, using its Skylark® I LE System, to fly into these areas searching for signs of life. Evergreen Helicopters donated airlift support to position both teams into the region," Evergreen said in a statement, calling it a "pioneering effort" between Evergreen and Elbit.
The use of drones in Haiti follows the protest in November at Fort Huachuca Army Intelligence Center in Arizona. Human rights activists demanded a halt to US torture and the use of drones, unmanned aircraft, by the US military for rogue assassinations which are also killing civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Danske divested of Elbit, because of surveillance provided at the wall between Israel and the West Bank, and Africa Israel investments:
Evergreen press statement on teaming up with Elbit:

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