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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you Leroy Jackson

Today my mind goes back to one of my last conversations with Leroy Jackson. Leroy said the key to stopping coal mining on Black Mesa was to prove that Peabody Coal never had a legitimate EIS, environmental impact statement. Peabody Coal's mining permits and leases at Black Mesa were entrenched in fraud, deception and lies. Everyone knew it, but it has taken decades to prove it, and prove it again, and again. Thanks to the Navajo and Hopi who never gave up the struggle.
The last conversation with Leroy came before he drove into those mountains between Taos, N.M., and Durango, Colo., where he was found dead in 1993. Already, Navajo politicians had threatened his life. He always had the perfect quote and comeback for the lies and attacks from politicians. Before he died, he cofounded Dine' Citizens Against Ruining the Environment, halted the clear cut logging of the Navajos Chuska Mountains and exposed massive fraud and corruption at the Navajo sawmill.
Driving behind the hearse which carried his body home to the Chuska and Tsaile Mountains, red-tailed hawks circled above at Wheatfields Lake. Already, his spirit was flying in the blue sky above, flying home.
Perhaps if Leroy had not died, for those of us who knew him, our commitment to this struggle to protect and defend Mother Earth would not have remained so strong throughout the years.
Thank you Leroy. See you on the other side.
--Brenda Norrell


Anonymous said...
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MiChelley Jackson said...

Thank- you Dad,
It is an honor that my father stood up against many and gave his life for our Mother Earth and all her Children. I also appreciate the Thank-you post that Brenda left. My Mom, my siblings, my family and the Native people lost a True Hero and Warrior when my father passed. I only pray that we can honor his life and beliefs by continuing the fight for Justice for our Mother Earth. Thank-you to all who stand for what is Right and Just.
Miche Jackson

Unknown said...

I ran across this site looking for good words of encouragement from a person who's heart and life is an example of strength and bravery. His memory helps me to live in that same balance and harmony to be brave in my own battles. Remembering my ancestors is what he would have me to do. In this way I thank you for honoring my father in this way. Heather Pancho (Jackson)

Unknown said...

We carry the fight and struggle to continue, we strive to protect our Mother Earth. Your Grandchildren are featured on a recent picture of the current Dine Water Rights Issue. Bedzealy, Mia , and Flint marched for our H2O Rights. I will continue to school them to the best of my ability too stand for all that is just and right......
I hope that u will b proud.