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March 5, 2012

KPFK 'Justice for Patty Dawson'

Tuesday, 03/06/12, on American Indian Airwaves - 8p.m. to 9p.m (KPFK FM 90.7) "Justice for Patty Dawson & Demystifying 2012"
Part I
          Cindy Dawson (San Carlos Apache/Dine Nations) joins us for today's show to provide an update on the well-being of Patty  Dawson and to discuss the March 6th, 2012 hearing for Jennifer  Davette Fraser, the assailant who assaulted Patty Dawson last June 2011. Cindy discusses the details of the case due police and Elizabeth Egan, the Fresno District Attorney's refusal to press hate-crime charges against Jennifer Fraser, as well as the Clovis police department's malfeasance by not thoroughly investigating the crime due to purported lack of funding, plus a lot more details are covered.  The March 6th hearing will commence at 8:30am in Department 31, the Fresno Superior Courthouse.

In June of 2011,  Patty Dawson was assaulted by Jennifer Davette Fraser. Patty was driving home from the train station in Fresno when a vehicle forced her.  At Clovis, CA Arco gas station, Jennifer Fraser, the vehicle driver, assaulted Patty Dawson which left her unconscious and traumatized. There were two other accomplices in the vehicle were not charged. The assailant had swastika tattoos, and the Clovis/Fresno area is well-known for the number of hate groups based in the area.

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Part 2
Policarpo Chaj, Director of Maya Visión, joins us for "Demystifying 2012." Policarpo discusses America's pathological compulsiveness and addiction with  the Maya calendar and 2012.

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