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March 29, 2012

Skywaves Indigenous global radio news

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SKYWAVES: Indigenous News Worldwide ***EVERY THURSDAY***
SKYWAVES: Indigenous News WorldwideUnoccupy Movement
{New York, NY} – First Voices Indigenous Radio (FVIR) in partnership with First Peoples Worldwide (FPW), a globally renowned Indigenous grant making organization, will be broadcasting a weekly 7-minute news feature SKYWAVES: Indigenous News Worldwide – nationally and internationally. Beginning Thursday March 22, 2012 and for syndication wherever possible in radio broadcast media including the 150 Pacifica Affliates.
Based in the world's communication capital of NYC, SKYWAVES will offer an important, unique service: to bridge the experiences and concerns of Native peoples in the US and North America with Indigenous peoples worldwide for the purpose of creating a deeper grassroots community.
First Voices Indigenous Radio is produced and, operates from legendary progressive radio station WBAI NY- Pacifica, is the only radio channel in tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that provides media access among all Indigenous communities and Peoples - on Indigenous issues and concerns.
SKYWAVES is dedicated to helping ensure the continuance, survival, and participation of Indigenous cultures and Nations. Accuracy and access to media is critical to participatory democracy in terms of depictions of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous issues,” says Tiokasin Ghosthorse.
First Voices Indigenous Radio and SKYWAVES bring forward inspirational stories that must be heard because they support a positive future for Mother Earth, Life itself, and All Peoples.
First Peoples Worldwide is an Indigenous-led global organization that supports Indigenous controlled, locally initiated, community driven development with small grants from its Keepers of the Earth Fund.

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