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March 18, 2012

Mohawk Nation News 'White Race Origins'


Mohawk Nation News

MNN (Mar. 16, 2012) We need to know the origins and motives of our opponents. Melanin is the genetic component of Indigenous people, plants, animals, mother earth and everything on it. This connects us to each other and the natural world. It’s scientifically based.

The relationship between the earth and our mind is based on our interwoven electricmagnetic field.

Whites lack this interconnection. They fear and want to control nature. They have created a negative artificial existence.  They carry out orgies of destruction without empathy, reason or purpose.

Indigenous have memories going back thousands of year. Whites have no genetic past life or memory of who they are and where they came from. They make up a past life. 

The white race has very little if any melanin. They are thus not attached to the earth. 

They fly around in their spaceship circling the earth. To land they have to latch themselves onto something that is attached to Indigenous earthlings.    

Masks hide their real selves so they can mix with real human beings. 

Their government is a political pigsty that invents wars, weapons, death, destruction, fear.  Their leaders need obedience from their slaves who both envy and hate them.

Their ties are artificial, man made, like corporatism, government, paper money.  Some form ties with Indigenous to try to get the security they need.

Even their religions reflect their skyward orientation. Their digging deep into the earth for oil, coal, and minerals has not provided the foundation they seek. They are trying to take over the globe, using us as their anchor.

Their people were sent out long ago to find us to save themselves. They can’t survive without us.  They’ve tried to capture and imprison us to keep us as a source of mental energy and extension into our great mother. 

We broke the chains that bound us, casting them adrift. 

Living in peace is natural for us and requires great sacrifice. Evil and corruption have to be exposed to restore harmony. 

Our younger brother came much later from another world and created the problems we have today.  We tried to bring them back into the family. They started killing us and becoming more destructive.

Our great mother has a memory. She is determining their fate. By the end of this century they will be gone. 
We are reminded of a song about the, “One eyed, one horned flying purple people eater:"

“But that’s not the reason they came to land. I wanna get a job in a rock and roll band."
“He went on his way and then what do you know, I saw him last night on a tv show”[American Idol].  He was blowing it out, really knocking them dead, playing rock and roll music, through the horn in his head."

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Marcus said...

It seems the author has forgotten that white people once lived indigenously. Honestly this comes off as petty and racist. The enemy isn't white people, it's, as this article points out, the government, religion, and culture propagated by the West. And it isn't just the West, but many "civilized" cultures over the globe.

mackrackit said...

Marcus your comments are right on the mark! This author is racist, but the comments wont be seen as racist, because they are against white people. Everyone on this earth is indigenous. This term has now become meaningless and frivilous. It is the governments and religions of the world that oppress us all.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Comment/response from Kahentinetha, the author: "Well, where did they come from? We can trace our origins to at least 30,000 to 40,000 years, along with our stories, songs, dances. The caucasians cannot. Their Indigenous are where they originated, like the Sami in Scandinavia and those in Russia. But what about the rest who are rootless and running all over the world on other peoples' lands? Can't we ask questions without being labelled racists.And we are not the same. We have not caused nor will ever cause the devastation they have caused. Don't they want to know for themselves?"

Anonymous said...

I feel the same I can trace my origins but white people have non. I am not being racist. The facts are the facts. They have no culture everything that they have they have taken from other cultures that have been around for a thousands of years. Know one can answers the question were did Europeans come from. They are the only species of human that peal and burn in the sun because there skin can not adapt. All other cultures can. Form native american,African, Oriental the only people I have not seen to get darker on there own is white people and that is fact. Not racism but fact.