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March 31, 2012

Mohawk Nation News 'Gangs of Toronto'


By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.   MAR. 31, 2012. “Give me your tired, poor, huddled masses and immigrant entrepreneurs yearning to get rich exploiting the Indigenous people”. The original burglars that came to Great Turtle Island are inviting more burglars into our house. Where have we seen this before? 

At our expense colonial Canada is enticing more aliens to come and kill and trample the original owners of this land. They arrive with nothing but the dirt under their fingers nails. They will be given jobs, housing, family sponsorship, health care, school tuition, pensions, maybe a car or transit pass. 

We can’t even dream of this for ourselves! Our education, living standards and opportunities are getting worse by the minute. Many of us will keep living in barely furnished, windowless, door-less and barely heated houses in the frozen north. The teachers, DeBeers and other multinational workers will live nearby in mansions provided by government and corporationsthat are gouging our minerals and piping away our water and oil. They want us out of our communities into urban ghettoes.  They can’tstand the sight of us landowners, except as Calgary Stampede type tourist attractions.

Prime Minister Harper invited the Irish and others to come and squat with him.  These rootless hordes have demolished their own nest and think they can start all over again on someone else’s natural habitat.  Many are being welcomed in Toronto with open arms, where they don’t have to speak French.     

We’ve helped these incompetents before.  Where did it get us?  The Irish potato came from the Indigenous people of the Andean Mountains in South America.  The Irish were dying out.  The Spanish took it to Europe in the1500s.  From 1845 to 1851 the Irish were being starved in a fight over ideology. The poor Choctaw Indigenous people gathered $710 and sent it to help them out. 

One and a half million fled to Great Turtle Island. Half died on the floating diseased-infested rotten boats.  They escaped a man made calamity of corrupt politics, ignorance, suppression and poverty.  What else is new in Ireland?  They landed and helped themselves to our possessions.  They’reswarming over here again. Why do we have to support these have-nots from Europe or anywhere?  At least the Chinese land here already rich, for the most part. 

We are getting hit again with these drop-outs who have no allegiance to their own country, just money.  Their greed let the EU set them up for a fall.  These avaricious people should stay home and fix up their mess.  We land ownersdon’t want another load of discarded people dropped on us. 

Who is opening our door to these people? Canada and US can’t even take care of those who are already here. Taxpayers,who live off our resources, are being burdened with cutbacks, medicare, social assistance, failing infrastructure, unemployment and collapse of the economy. The rulers think there are too many people of color here. So they are bringing them in to keep power in the hands of the white people or their token nominees. They are bringing in people to fight the Indian land owners. 

We get nothing from this occupation.  The carpetbaggers have willfully stopped us from having an economy. By design, we will get even less.  We want our possessions. 
We remind the Irish: “It’s a long way from Tipperary. It’s a long way to go....”    And, “Indian eyes are not smiling”.  So jig your way out of here, back to your Emerald Island!  

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Just a few thoughts:
From this ol' Bear's perspective we just might need every two-legged we can get to take down the omnicidal structure of the corrupt psychopaths.