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March 15, 2012

New video 'Toxic Trespass of Lakota Nation March 5, 2012'

Photo by Andrew Iron Shell, arrested at blockade.
Published with permission at Censored News.

Lakota blockade of tarsands megaloads

Lakota community stop an illegal mega-load caravan in the Eagle Nest District of the sovereign Pine Ridge Indian Reservation/Oglala Lakota Nation. Two semi-trucks, 229,155 pound, extra wide oil treater vessel cargo worth $1,259,593 each, were stopped for several hours in the town of Wanblee, South Dakota. The peaceful blockade ended when the Oglala Sioux Tribal police worried about shift change, violated direct orders from the tribal vice-president on hand and turned out in their riot gear to arrest five individuals with disorderly conduct in tribal court, one young warrior, two elders and two of whom were serving as press and media. The tribal Attorney General never gave the all clear for the trespassing TransCanada bound mega-load to be escorted safe passage to the State Troopers waiting at the Reservation boarder. The truck drivers said two more loads were delayed behind this initial load and this route was authorized to them by the State of South Dakota, TransCanada and their trucking companies hauling supplies for the Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands operations in Canada. The truckers thanked us for hot mashed potatoes, hot chicken and home made bread. Said we can come to their house for thanksgiving, their not too sure if they want to come back to ours? Their words, not mine. - This is a Native Impact production. 2012 God Bless the Lakota Nation & Grandma Marie Randall.

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