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March 1, 2012

NEW: Stratfor's pathetic 'intelligence' on Occupy Movement

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By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Wikileaks released e-mails about the Occupy  movement today, revealing that Stratfor global intelligence forwarded news articles, gossip, and even a Tea Party blog about the Occupy Movement.
The selection of Stratfor e-mails also reveals the type of "intelligence" that the US Army, Navy and Airforce are all paying tens of thousands of dollars for, according to US government contracts. The "global intelligence" is based on readily available news reports, blogs and Stratfor's hyperbole.

Stratfor didn’t expect Occupy in China
China Director Jennifer Richmond explains why the "Occupy Wall Street" movement failed to gain traction in mainland China.
“We really didn't expect to see this movement transfer to mainland China; however, given the Jasmine protests earlier this year, there were many who were waiting to see whether or not this movement could be rejuvenated by the global call to action. The global Occupy movement
lacks a nucleus or leadership. Despite a common theme of corporate greed, there is very little direction on how to proceed and, under these circumstances, we have seen no contagion effect in mainland China.”

"...Also, many Chinese do not have access to the social Internet sites that have helped
to ignite these movements in Western countries, namely Facebook. And
those that do, find this information quickly scrubbed off of similar
Chinese sites."                                               

Stratfor says Occupiers are rich
"Quick jump on the bandwagon! It's not cool unless you're protesting...or
a hipster....or angry for some reason that may have nothing to do with how
much you the way South Park is mocking Occupy Wall Street
tonight on Comedy Central"

Department of Homeland Security report on Occupy movement

Stratfor rambles about Occupy Austin and Deep Green Resistance:

Stratfor on Occupy and Iowa Caucus:
“Back to the protestors. Their plan has been developing to ‘occupy’
candidate's offices. That really means protest in front of the offices,
which if you think of all the little shitty strip malls you see around,
one small section would be a campaign office.”

Police move to shut down Occupy camps, Philly, Denver, Salt Lake, more …

Stratfor forwards Tea Party documents and posts on Occupy:

Stratfor forwards news from India/South Asia on excessive use of force in Occupy roundup:
Xinhua 'Roundup': Concerns Rise About Excessive Use of Police Force in
Dealing With Occupy Protesters

Stratfor forwards articles from The Nation and CNN on Occupy:

Stratfor forwards Gawker’s post on ‘The guy who snitched on Occupy’ Thomas Ryan:

Stratfor worries over Day of Rage and Islam
Stratfor: “No, we're not aware of any concrete connections between fundamentalist
Islamist movements and the Day of Rage, or the October 2011 movement at
this point.”

Read more Stratfor e-mails on the Occupy Movement:

Also see more news from the Stratfor files: FBI was source on Julian Assange indictment, resignation follows. Bin Laden body flown to Delaware:

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