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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Mexico Tourism: No Indians or dark skinned Hispanics wanted

New Mexico Tourism Department wants white tourists
Roswell New Mexico Museum
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SANTA FE -- The New Mexico Tourism Department is being criticized for its casting call for "Caucasians and light-skinned Hispanics" for a tourism ad.
When questiond, the New Mexico Tourism Department said it wants white and light skinned people in its ad, because that's what it wants to attract to New Mexico.
KOB TVasked New Mexico Tourism Secretary Monique Jacobson what she was thinking when a casting agent called for “Caucasians and light skinned Hispanics” to play a part in a New Mexico tourism commercial.
Jacobson said, “The particular casting call getting all the attention is in regards to our tourist role and we wanted a tourist who could represent people coming from a wide range of states like Maine, Texas, Florida, or Washington."
Jacobson explained the department’s intentions were to cast someone to play the role of a tourist who could easily be identified as someone living in one those states, KOB reported.
Meanwhile, Jacobson said the casting call ad was contracted to an out-of-state company by the tourism's advertising department.
The irony is, at the same time, New Mexico is billing itself as a new mecca for the film industry. Yet it can't even find a local to shoot a good advertisement.
There's no mention of the Navajo, Apaches and Pueblos that comprise the beauty of New Mexico.
Watch KOB's interview:

Lakota/Dineh activists at Left Forum New York

Lakota/Dineh Activists at the Left Forum in New York City

by Owe Aku International Justice Project
Censored News
 March 18, 2012

Pointing to the inadequacies of both right and left as simply different arms of the same colonial, corporate, consumptive beast in settler-nation politics, a group of Lakota and Dineh Indians presented a panel called “Decolonize the Occupy Movement; Defending Mother Earth and Confronting American Capitalism” at the Left Forum in New York City on Saturday, March 18th. The room where the panel presented at Pace University, not far from the “occupy” movement’s Zucotti Park, was standing room only. The panel was organized and hosted by well-known New York City activist Sally Bermanzohn.

Tiokasin Ghost Horse (Lakota) opened the discussion by talking about the origins of a settler-mentality that permitted the kind of racism and destruction that attempted to destroy all peoples, living with, not separate from, the Earth. Using etymology to deconstruct the language of dominion, racism, superiority and hierarchy, he presented the usually unexamined connections between historical and contemporary forms of colonization and genocide.

Janene Yazzie (Dineh) then brought the discussion down to her experience as a young mother, working in her community to revitalize traditional community-based lifeways literally upwards from the soll of her Native land. Janene expressed some of the rewards and frustration of working in her community and in alliance with other Indian peoples in rejecting the forms of domination and imposition of alien ways that Tiokasin had discussed. “You cannot decolonize anyone else,” she said. “Decolonizing your mind is a very personal experience.”

Kent Lebsock (Lakota) talked about Lakota participation in international Indigneous peoples’ advocacy since 1977. He discussed the process that was developed by Indigenous peoples from around the world, entirely unique within the U.N. system, to directly participate, outside the purview of the member states’ mechanisms, in the assembly of the words and worlds that would eventually constitute the Declaration on the Rights of Indigneous Peoples. Kent also reminded the audience that their government and people still have legally binding treaties with the Lakota Nation and that having broken those treaties has broken the relationship between our peoples. “The USA broke the 1868 Ft. Laramie treaty when gold was discovered in the Black HIlls and continues to violate the treaty to realize immeasurable financial profit resulting in extreme poverty and third-world conditions for the Lakota people that continue to this day. To repair that relationship, empty acts or Congressional apologies are inadequate. Honoring the treaties is the only solution.”

Finally, Debra White Plume (Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge) spoke about her life as a mother, a grandmother, a life-long activist and a woman who’s responsibility was always to protect Ina Maka (Mother Earth). In an eloquent style for which she is known, she described the Lakota way of life through the history, stories and the contemporary struggles she is involved in with our people to preserve sacred water from uranium mining, the Keystone XL Pipeline and the myriad other assaults occurring on Lakota treaty territory. “Corporations and their governments are responsible for raiding precious drinking water, including North America’s largest underground lake, the Oglala Aquifer in Lakota territory running from the Dakotas to Texas, and the boreal forest eco-system in Alberta, Canada which provides 80% of the world’s drinking water.” She stressed the importance of all of us taking responsibility, each day, for protecting the sacred water upon which all life relies. Lakota identity exists within the interrelated circles of family, tiyospaye (clan) and nation and how these define our relationships to one another and to Ina Maka. She received an ovation from the people gathered when they learned that only days before she had been arrested, along with other Lakota people, stopping heavy haul trucks bound for the tarsands from crossing Lakota territory. Owe Aku, which means “Bring Back the Way” is the organization that she and her family created on the Pine Ridge Reservation in order to preserve Lakota culture and lifeways. In reflecting on the Left Forum, Debra stated that “if we impacted some people yesterday, with the truth of our lives, and our love for Mother Earth, and taught them something about the workings of the Lakota and Dine minds, then we have done good. If we shared with them a perspective that includes personal responsibility and prompted them to look inside and examine their own paradigm, then we have done something good.”

The panel’s purpose, to an audience of the “left”, was to talk about the Indian experience of confronting American capitalism since the arrival of the settler peoples on our shores. Most importantly, it was to make the connection between that history and the current situation being experience by the “99%”. In closing, Debra White Plume told the story of how settler peoples came to be known as “wasichu” in the Lakota language, which means fat takers. “Today,” she said, “you call them the 1%.”

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They thought they would starve us out, but it didn't work

They thought they would starve us out, but it didn’t work

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

When the managing editor of Indian Country Today demanded that I stop writing about grassroots Native Americans, I had no idea at the time of the scope of this demand. I was first repeatedly censored, then terminated in 2006.

Even when I started Censored News in 2006, I had no idea of the scope of that demand. There was no way to foresee how the media would be manipulated and controlled by the corporations, non-Indian profiteers and the US government or foresee the hidden agendas of publishers and politicians.

It is clear now.

The only way for the coal fired power plants, uranium mining in Indian country, and non-Indian casino management companies to continue their exploitation and profiteering, is to silence grassroots Native people living on their lands.

The silence takes many forms.

The media avoids real issues by keeping people distracted with non-news. Then, also, the media publishes press releases based on lies. It continues the deceit by failing to question the legitimacy of wars and other US schemes. It publishes the columns of holocaust deniers instead of the facts of residential and boarding school abuse. Mediocre non-Indian reporters are used to distract and also to water down crucial issues in Indian country. Native reporters are hired who will plagiarize and rewrite others work, rather than be there.

Ultimately, editors and publishers only publish what they consider "safe."

The next horrifying issue on the horizon is this: Pro-coal mining, gas fracking and energy interests, and casinos, with their co-opted tribal partners, want to use the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to further their hold on Indian country. Instead of using the Declaration to further human rights, they want to use it to bolster their position, protect their greed, exploitation and profiteering. They use money in their schemes (as when they claim the rape of the earth is OK since it is for jobs and economic development.)

Corporations and US intelligence agencies "sponsor" events to get their feet in the door with organizations, or advertise with certain media to exert influence.

Meanwhile, some tribal politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths. On one hand, they defend a sacred place, while at the same time push for a coal fired power plant, gas well or toxic dump on another sacred place.

Now non-Indian profiteers and operatives have found the access to and control of money, is a way to take control of organizations and their members. One of the ways non-Indians take over NGOs or human rights organizations is to take on the key role in the fundraising. Eventually they take total control of the money and funding sources. In this way, they then take control of the people and the travel funds to board meetings. Finally, they take over the organization.

As for starving us out, the writers and voices at Censored News, our hunger has become our glory. It propels us forward.

Louise Benally 'No' to Indian water theft at Occupy Midwest

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

ST LOUIS -- Louise Benally, Dine' resisting relocation on Big Mountain, spoke out against Peabody Coal and the three decades of Peabody's rape of the land, theft of Black Mesa aquifer water and the collusion with politicians devastating Black Mesa and its people.

Speaking at the Occupy the Midwest gathering, Benally urged support to halt the theft of Indian water rights and halt the ongoing push by non-Indians to steal Navajo water rights in Arizona. This includes the machinations underway by Arizona congressmen and non-Indian tribal attorneys.

In the home city of Peabody Coal, protesters rallied against the coal giant that has left a dirty trail of disease and destruction on the Navajo Nation, and across America. Benally spoke out against Peabody's coal mine that continues on Black Mesa, providing coal for one of the nation's dirtiest and most polluting power plants, the Navajo Generating Station, on the Navajo Nation near Page, Ariz.

The Navajo Generating Station, one of three coal fired power plants on the Navajo Nation, continues due to the collusion of Navajo politicians with Peabody and other corporations, including the Salt River Project which operates the power plant, and politicians such as Sen. John McCain. McCain and Arizona congressmen worked behind the scenes to orchestrate the so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute. In reality, it was a manipulation by Peabody Coal, its attorneys and US congressmen to remove more than 14,000 Navajos from their homeland to make way for Peabody coal mining. Now, the power plant carries electricity to Southwest cities while many Navajos live without electricity. While Peabody and the power plant deplete pristine aquifer water, many Navajos live without running water and are forced to drive long distances to haul water.

In St. Louis, protesters also rallied against Bank of America and disrupted the St Patrick's Day festivities, Benally told Censored News. Benally said she is urging those gathered in St. Louis to join the fight against the tarsands, devastating the Cree in Alberta, and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Benally speaks again today, Sunday, at the Occupy Midwest gathering in St Louis. Read more:

Mohawk Nation News 'White Race Origins'


Mohawk Nation News

MNN (Mar. 16, 2012) We need to know the origins and motives of our opponents. Melanin is the genetic component of Indigenous people, plants, animals, mother earth and everything on it. This connects us to each other and the natural world. It’s scientifically based.

The relationship between the earth and our mind is based on our interwoven electricmagnetic field.

Whites lack this interconnection. They fear and want to control nature. They have created a negative artificial existence.  They carry out orgies of destruction without empathy, reason or purpose.

Indigenous have memories going back thousands of year. Whites have no genetic past life or memory of who they are and where they came from. They make up a past life. 

The white race has very little if any melanin. They are thus not attached to the earth. 

They fly around in their spaceship circling the earth. To land they have to latch themselves onto something that is attached to Indigenous earthlings.    

Masks hide their real selves so they can mix with real human beings. 

Their government is a political pigsty that invents wars, weapons, death, destruction, fear.  Their leaders need obedience from their slaves who both envy and hate them.

Their ties are artificial, man made, like corporatism, government, paper money.  Some form ties with Indigenous to try to get the security they need.

Even their religions reflect their skyward orientation. Their digging deep into the earth for oil, coal, and minerals has not provided the foundation they seek. They are trying to take over the globe, using us as their anchor.

Their people were sent out long ago to find us to save themselves. They can’t survive without us.  They’ve tried to capture and imprison us to keep us as a source of mental energy and extension into our great mother. 

We broke the chains that bound us, casting them adrift. 

Living in peace is natural for us and requires great sacrifice. Evil and corruption have to be exposed to restore harmony. 

Our younger brother came much later from another world and created the problems we have today.  We tried to bring them back into the family. They started killing us and becoming more destructive.

Our great mother has a memory. She is determining their fate. By the end of this century they will be gone. 
We are reminded of a song about the, “One eyed, one horned flying purple people eater:"

“But that’s not the reason they came to land. I wanna get a job in a rock and roll band."
“He went on his way and then what do you know, I saw him last night on a tv show”[American Idol].  He was blowing it out, really knocking them dead, playing rock and roll music, through the horn in his head."

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