Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 6, 2014

Omushkegowuk walking to Ottawa: Reclaiming our steps

Photo Credit: Rodney Hookimaw (Rod Neezy)
Reclaiming Our Steps Past, Present and Future

We, the grassroots People, are walking to Ottawa from the traditional territories of the Omushkegowuk (People) to deliver a message to the leaders of both levels of Government and to our respective Chiefs that the time to honour our Treaties is now! The time to address and reconcile Aboriginal issues is now! The time to work together with the utmost respect on a Nation to Nation basis is now! We are and will continue to be here and we want our rightful place back within this country called Canada.
As in the wisdom of our Elders that continue to remind us of where we should be, and in considering the future aspirations of all of our youth, we are seeking justice, equality and fairness as First Peoples of this country.

Respectfully Yours, Danny Metatawabin

Photo Credit: Xavier Wheesk of Attawapiskat

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