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January 1, 2014

Zapatistas Marcos 'Paid Press not allowed in 20 Year Celebrations'

Subcomandante Marcos Reflects On 20th Anniversary Of Zapatista Rebellion In New Communique

Marcos says 'paid press' won't be admitted to 20 Year Celebration
By Latin Times/La Jornado

As for the Zapatistas’ refusal to admit the press to the 20th anniversary celebrations, Marcos asks, “What have they done to make being a member of the media become a source of pride which doesn’t come at the expense of the loss of the freedom or the life of being honest?  Can they say that their work is more respected by those who govern or are governed than it was 20 years ago?  What have they done against the imposed or tolerated censorship?  Can they say that their readers or listeners or viewers are better informed than they were 20 years ago?  Can they say they have more credibility than 20 years ago?”

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