Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 20, 2014

Nohooka' Dine' Leadership Statement

Haashkeneinii-Begay, 83, leader who evaded
 Kit Carson's troops and lived in the
 Navajo Mountain area
Nohooka' Dine' urge return to Hozho way and holding
elected Navajo leaders responsible for crimes

By Leland Grass, Nohooka' Dine'
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Leland Grass said the Nohooka' Dine' statement was issued in support of a leader who will protect the Nation's resources and bring economic ventures that do not deplete the Nation's collateral. The leader would be one who has not participated in criminal activity as accused by Justices. 
"The one, best qualified and knowledgeable about the four-legged, proper Tribal Grazing permits and Home site leases, those individuals should run for office. In doing so our Nation will have a future that envisions Hozho’."
Grass said those accused of pending criminal charges should vacate their offices. Those convicted should never run for tribal office again, he said.
Because of those accused of crimes, the Navajo Nation legislation that has been voted on for the past four years is now void or invalid, including the signing off of any final legislation or business.
Nohooka' Dine' strongly urge the Navajo Nation Council delegates to return to the 48-member council.
Nohokka' Dine' fought for the horses when Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly executed the horse round up on the Navajo Nation.

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