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December 10, 2014

Seeking nominees for Censored News Heroes in Resistance Awards

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Seeking nominees for Censored News Heroes in Resistance 
Censored News will honor our heroes. Please send us the names of your heroes, so we can honor those who made a difference in 2014. Please include grassroots people, media, and all other heroes. 
Also, please nominate heroes for Censored News Lifetime of Resistance Award.
Thank you!


Lloyd Vivola said...

A favorite of mine. In memoriam and for lifetime achievement:

Billy Frank Jr., Nisqually.
( 1931-2014 )

For decades of working against, around and with the system aa was apropos to serving his people and healing the land and water for all our relations.

Once Upon A Time in Big Mountain said...

From Big Mountain Dineh (not Navajo, Please!) Bi'Keyah': Pauline Whitesinger, Mazzie Begay, Haastin Niiz Begay, Ida Mae Clinton, and Daughter of Haastin Black Horse. Elders who have passed on into the spirit world and whose legacies of victories and chieftainship will be honored by all sovereign, native resistance. -Nabahii (Bahe) Keediniihii (Katenay), Big Mountain SDN

sandra beasley said...

I am seconding the nomination of the late great Billy Frank Nisqually nation, I am also nominating Amanda Blackhorse Dine nation for her great work with fighting against the Washington football team, and the 2014 Presidental medal of freedom recipient Suzan Shown Harjo for a lifetime of great work.And Radmilla Cody Dine nation African American for her great work as Miss Navajo, her recordings that help preserve the Dine language educating people of ending domestic violence ,and her great work giving back to the Dine nation.