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December 9, 2014

Photos: Paiutes fight against theft of water rights to Pyramid Lake

"Today's meeting at Pyramid Lake, Nevada concerning all issues including water
issues. This is the Chairman Elwood Lowery with council members."
Ray Bones Lowery
Paiutes fight against water rights to Pyramid Lake

Article by Brenda Norrell
Photos by Ray Bones Lowery
Censored News
PYRAMID LAKE, Nevada -- Pyramid Lake Paiutes continued to fight for their water rights to Pyramid Lake, one of many Indian Nations battling corruption and new legislation in the US Congress to steal Native water rights.
"A little over 150 natives show up at the meeting. Thanks to all concerned people and the one's who commented," said Ray Bones Lowery about the meeting on Dec. 6, 2014.

Watch the video from AIM West Conference Nov. 2014 and hear Raquel Arthur, Paiute, describe the corruption and threat to Paiute water rights. Live coverage was by Earthcycles and Censored News:
(Check back for updates.)

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