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December 15, 2014

Zapatistas Festival of Resistance as Genocide of Indigenous Peoples Continues

Zapatistas in Sonora, Mexico, with O'odham
Photo by Brenda Norrell
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Eve Auction in Paris continued its cultural genocide with an auction of ceremonial items of Hopi, Pueblo, Navajo, Lakota and other Native Americans today.

The auction in Paris follows the theft of sacred Apache land for copper mining in the US Congress, led by Arizona Sen. John McCain.

The assault on Indigenous Peoples continues around the world, as Native people are being murdered defending their lands from mining companies, invaders and development. In Ecuador, Indigenous leader JosĂ© Isidro Tendetza AntĂșn opposing mining was murdered as he prepared to leave for the Peru Climate Summit. Marinalva Manoel, Guarani spokeswoman from Brazil and defender of the land from cattle ranchers, was stabbed to death in November.

In the US, Sen. John McCain's new mode of genocide is no where more obvious than in the slick theft of Apache sacred lands for the benefit of a foreign corporation for copper mining. Of course, McCain's theft of sacred lands in Arizona is nothing new, nor is the complicity by the corrupt media who are in the saddle with fellow politicians and corporate bedfellows. As the media in the national Indian country news stayed home and plagiarized, the coyotes and snakes were free in the halls of Congress.

With deception and spin, McCain and his team of thieves hid away the theft of Oak Flat, sacred lands of Apache, in the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Senate on Friday, after being passed by the House. McCain and his fellow thieves in Congress have duped the public once again.

Although the Navajo Nation purchased Dineh ceremonial masks in the Eve auction in Paris today and rescued those. There were 275 sacred items listed on 110 pages of the Eve catalog which  remained for sale to the highest bidder, despite pressure from the US Ambassador to halt the auction. Those sacred items range from ceremonial items of the Hupa in California, to the Kiowa and Cheyenne in the Plains, to the Blackfeet in the north, and Mayans in the south, encompassing all of North America.

However, the movement for resistance and hope continues. The Zapatistas struggle for autonomy, dignity and justice is underway at The World Festival for Resistance and Rebellion against Capitalism in Mexico. The rallies in communities lead up to the gathering of the Zapatistas and National Indigenous Congress in Oventic, Chiapas at the end of December. The schedule is in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Dutch and German at Censored News.

Eve Auction sells sacred of Hopi, Pueblo, Navajo, Cheyenne, Lakotas, Kiowa, Blackfeet and more, translated into French, Dutch and German:
McCain's New Mode of Genocide: Theft of Apache sacred lands for copper mining: Once again McCain is the darling of the snakes and coyotes

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