August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video 'Honor the Treaties' kicks off with Neil Young and the tarsands resistance

Terrance Nelson 'Samatha Kematch another victim'

Samatha Kematch another victim

By Terrance Nelson
Vice-Chair American Indian MovementSouthern Chiefs Organization Grand Chief
Censored News

Eight thousand First Nation children are in Child and Family Services in the Province of Manitoba. In a week or so, the Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry Report will be released. Phoenix was tortured and killed by her mother Samatha Kematch. No doubt Judge Hughes who oversaw the Inquiry will condemn Samatha Kematch and her common law husband Karl McKay for their actions in the death of Phoenix Sinclair.
Forgotten will be the fact that Samatha Kematch was once a cute and innocent child, as cute and innocent as Phoenix. What turned Samatha into a monster, what caused her to take her anger out on her child? The Media is unlikely to ever see Samatha Kematch as another victim of the Genocide occurring in Canada.

Mohawk Nation News 'Scott Young and 'Iroquois Speak'


Jan. 13, 2014. It was a warm day in October 1965 when Scott Young, of the Globe and Mail, spoke to an elder and I In Toronto. We had just arrived from Kahnawake for a 3-day conference, the “iroquois Speak”, at the Royal York Hotel. We had struggled to get there in an old car. The passenger door was tied on with a wire hanger. No promotion of the event. Only letters were sent out to our Haudensaunee brothers and sisters. The same letter was sent to all mainstream media. Only Scott Young of the Globe & Mail showed up. NEIL & CHIEF

John Kane 'Back to our path is not a trip backward'

Back to Our Path is not a Trip Backward
Photo by Stephanie Kane

By John Karhiio Kane, Mohawk

Many of us are familiar with our expression Ohnkwe Ohnwe. It is what we use to describe ourselves as the original people of Turtle Island. The approximate translation is “real human being, forever.”
There was never any question that we had a future. We were never tied to a spot on a timeline. We were never frozen in history. We were neither primitive nor at the end of our evolutionary scale. We continued to develop. The entire concept of Seven Generations was based on knowing that our growth and development would require a priority placed on the impacts on the unborn faces — those ones who would come long after us.