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August 17, 2017

Dineh Louise Benally "Racist Hillary, Goldwater and Relocation"

Louise Benally, Dineh, Big Mountain, resister of relocation for 40 years. Photo by Christine Prat.

Censored News Series: Racism in America

By Louise Benally, Dineh
Censored News

Hi Brenda,
As you know Racism is alive and well in America the beautiful, all the Indian policy on water and land rights.
The current relocation bill 93-531 is one big racist law that still exists today.
It wants water and land from our community here on Black Mesa -- coal and water -- to keep central and southwest usa alive for its energy needs.
Racist Hillary as a young intern helped Barry Goldwater draft this law.

Thanks, Louise
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Louise Benally was censored by Indian Country Today as the US attacked Iraq. Louise compared the U.S. 
.war in Iraq to the forced genocidal march of her people, her family, and their imprisonment at Fort Sumner.
Indian Country Today refused to publish this article that I wrote as a staff writer.

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Dineh and Apache children imprisoned at Fort Sumner, Bosque Redondo, N.M.

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