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August 10, 2017

Pipeline Fighters 'Giving KXL the Boot' in Nebraska Photos

Greg Grey Cloud said,  "Sungwatogda at the NoKXL rally in Lincoln NE! Our warriors are holding it down and representing well" Photo credit Shannon Graves.

                                                                Photo by Christine Nobiss


                                                              Photo by Christine Nobiss
Joye Braun, Cheyenne River Lakota. Photo by Christine Nobiss

Photo by Christine Nobiss

Pipeline Fighters Giving KXL the Boot in Nebraska Photos

Heather Pearson and Christine Nobiss at rally

By Christine Nobiss
Censored News 
I'm at the "Give KXL the Boot" Pipeline Fighter Summit in Lincoln, NE. It's a diverse mix of activists/organizers and I'm happy to see a lot of Native faces.
Glad to see Joye Braun and so many youth. Glad to see Native women up at the front talking. Glad to see how proudly our men carry themselves.
Together we can can do this. This is not just about "another pipeline", this is about our future. As John Schmidt, from The Climate Reality Project just said to me, "The only thing worse than a leaking pipeline is a working pipeline. We need to protect the unborn."
It made me pause.
Not only do we need to protect the water and our sovereignty, but we need to transition as soon as possible to renewables. This is not impossible. We need to force our governments to listen to us and make them sever their corrupt ties with these corporate conglomerates and revamp this entire economy.
We rely on fossil fuels for essentially all that we do and make. Everything is made of plastic. We use, oil, natural gas and coal to power our homes, infrastructure and our means of travel. It's insidious. But it's not impossible to untangle ourselves from it. We just need to work together.

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