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August 10, 2017

Protecting the Homeland: Owe Aku Celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day

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Owe Aku Celebrates the United Nations International Day of the World's Indigneous Peoples by working to Strengthen the Homeland, Living  the Tenets of Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
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Owe Aku
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Strengthening the Homeland

On August 9, 2017, Owe Aku and our allies gathered in celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day.  Owe Aku sponsored a small gathering of people from ages 7 to 65 representing more than ten different Red nations.  We gathered to learn to silk screen and create graphic images.  The purpose and goal behind the gathering was to clarify our message, amplify our voice, and strengthen our own homeland, all in furtherance of water protection work.

In the spirit of decolonization through art, we were also happy to welcome Artivist Anthony Sul from the Oloni Nation located in the Bay Area of California.  As well as being a respected artist, Anthony is also known for his educational efforts in the Bay Area about his people and the invasion of settler-colonization.

Grandchildren of those present (and workshop participants) made red bandanas and also planted seven fruit bearing bushes and seven trees in Owe Aku's ceremonial garden.  We ended the day by cooking a dish of wild rice and buffalo meat with fruit salad and we were all so energized, inspired and happy that as our workshop and meal ended, the sunset brought with it a driving rain.  Wopila!
Owe Aku is a grassroots organization of Lakota people and our allies founded to promote the protection of sacred water and preservation of our territorial lands.  Our actions for environmental justice rely upon cultural revitalization as our major tool in achieving our goals.  The principle location from which are operations are based are on Lakota territory along Wounded Knee Creek on what is called the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation .  More information on our work can be found at
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