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August 25, 2017

DOORS John Densmore Joins Peltier Concert

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August 25, 2017

Greetings, Friends, Family and Comrades;
I want to start with an update on Leonard and I just spoke to the prison and was told,"the Coleman Prison is in lock down and all visitations has been canceled for this weekend." So, another week without communication as even letters take at least 4 days to get to and from Leonard. If you have a few minutes this weekend please drop Leonard a note, post card from your area is always welcomed as it gives Leonard a picture which he can sometimes use in a painting. Here is his address; Leonard Peltier 89637-132 Coleman 1 P.O. Box 1033 Coleman, FL 33521.
Second, I would like to thank the supporters who sent money to the legal fund, and to let you all know that any money sent for the legal fund will be matched until Oct. 1st. Therefor September will be the month to donate with the best results for Leonard's legal fund. I am hoping you all will step up as no amount is too small to be matched or appreciated. Which mean that anyone thinking of sending me a birthday gift for my September B-day send a check or PayPal to the legal fund instead ;-}

We received an update from the concert organizers ( that "We're proud to announce the addition of John Densmore to the lineup of In The Spirit of Crazy Horse. John, the original drummer and founding member of legendary rock group The Doors, will be performing alongside all the other legends on stage that night. We're excited to have John on board and we look forward to hearing some of the greatest songs ever written in November!". A great addition for us old rockers, music for everyone! And you can get the ticket on line at

I represented ILPDC at the Million Prisoner March last week in DC. Leonard and I wrote the presentation as the event dealt with the 13th Amendment special clause that makes slavery illegal in the U.S. except in prison. Leonard has been imprisoned for 43 years and for his job as an orderly he makes $5.00 a month, which is why we so appreciate everyone that has sent him commissary over those 43 years. I was able to meet supports from all over the country and some former political prisoners who had done time with Leonard and now work for his release. Meet some interesting people from the Minneapolis area who are supporters and want to work with our Board Member Stephanie Autumn, who lives in that area. Well spent weekend for Leonard!

We, that is ILPDC & board & Leonard, want to thank the Rosenberg Fund for Children for their grants to Cyrus, Leonard's grandson and Emily & girls Granddaughters which will help them visit Leonard. Cyrus will visit Leonard over his B-day weekend and Emily and the girls will visit the first weekend in October. The RFC has been a wonderful support for Leonard and other prisoners to keep them in touch with their families.
Paulette & Kari Ann

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SKeith said...

Super i been a life long DOORS fan. Kool Densmore!! Where Robbie lol