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August 22, 2017

Michigan Canoe Team Confronts Columbus Replica Ships

'Eclipse' Lee Sprague, Columbus Replica Ship, Michigan. Video capture by Censored News

Check out this rap by Eclipse (Lee Sprague), the Potawatomi Pundit checking the mythology of Christopher Columbus in American Mythology, at the Traverse City, MI, Clinch Marina.
Based on Was he a Fool? lyrics by Chris LaMarr and Nick Peace, WOR (Without Rezervation), 1992.

By Lee Sprague
Censored News

TRAVERSE, Michigan (Aug. 21, 2017) -- Today we were at the Columbus ships, the Nina and Pinta, during the solar eclipse, in Traverse City, MI.
The Aztecs and Mayans had predicted eclipses long before Columbus predicted one on his fourth trip to Turtle Island (Columbus died still believing he was in Asia),
The Columbus Eclipse Story goes something like this;
The Arawak, Caribbean Indigenous Peoples had been feeding Columbus' men for a year (Americas first Welfare Case). Columbus threatened to have his god, dim the sun, unless Columbus and his men were to be fed by the Arawak.
Indigenous peoples were originally horrified at the European/Colonists agricultural and animal husbandry practises. We knew their practises were unsustainable and destructive to the living world of creation from day one.
So be careful about hearkening back to the bucolic pastoral gentlemen farmer, plantation days of George Dubya One and Thomas Jefferson.
The Aztec and Mayan peoples predicted eclipses accurately, to this day, long after their Great Civilization and Libraries/Codices, were destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadors.
At this time, Europe was in the dark ages, before they were civilized by the Roman Empire, and were schooled in the Arabic number system.
Selling slaves in Seville, stealing gold, converting indians to christianity, and appropriating our foods, saved Christoper Columbus,
Until Columbus was jailed by the Spanish crown, and stripped of his royal commission, Admiral of the Ocean Seas.
Columbus died believing he had found a new trade route to Asia, avoiding the silk trail and its tariffs. A free trade, globalization move.

Initially, the native peoples (Arawak Indians) welcomed the castaways, providing them with food and shelter, but as the days dragged into weeks, tensions mounted. Finally, after being stranded for more than six months, half of Columbus' crew mutinied, robbing and murdering some of the Arawaks, who themselves had grown weary of supplying cassava, corn and fish in exchange for little tin whistles, trinkets, hawk's bells and other trashy goods. With famine now threatening, Columbus formulated a desperate, albeit ingenious plan.

Oceans Eleven? Try Great Lakes Three at the Christopher Columbus ships docked in Traverse City MI.
The Michigan Canoe Team rendezvoused at the "Fountain" to plan this social justice action.
Its all about logistics, we discussed details, strategies, entry and exit points on the bay. We did some reconnaissance of the area. Our canoe team discussed contingency options, in the Territories occupied by Michigan, the US and Canada, the Homelands of the Anishinabek Peoples.
Then we finalized our plans in the Sauna, loosened up, then deployed our canoe on her maiden voyage, to give the Columbus Ships, the Nina and the Pinta the business. We decided to approach the Columbus ships from the west, with the setting sun behind us, to give us every advantage.
We put together a beautiful basket of foods from the Indigenous Nations and Peoples of the Americas, Corn, Squash and Beans, peppers of all colors, green hatch chilies, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapple, and a large jar of Ragu™ Spaghetti Sauce .
We asked to be taken to their leader, Christopher Columbus several times.
No one answered our call. We continued to paddle along side these ships we discovered in our harbor.
Then, finally, along side the Nina
a, lone crew member from the crew , opened up the deck where the gang plank is lowered, another cabin boy appeared and together they accepted our gifts of foods from the indigenous peoples of this hemisphere, that today provide 60% of the world's calories.
We explained to the Columbus Crew of the Nina, that all the gold has been stolen. The stolen gold lines the pockets of the political classes in DC, Wall Street financiers in New York, and at the top of Trump Tower.
Those are of the Cities of gold worth ransacking by your invader ships.
These cities having stole all of the gold form the Indigenous Peoples of the Great Turtle Island.
We pleaded with the Crew of the Nina, "Please leave these Indigenous Nations and Peoples communities here on the Great Turtle Island unharmed. Do not kill, maim, rape or disembowel our People with your swords.
Do not force your ways of understanding creation on our peoples as your destroy it with the your religion of peace.
We told the Crew, you have 5 days, the number of days on one hand, to leave, without harming or capturing any slaves, and should proceed directly to the cites of Gold, and ransack those communities, and convert them to the Christian faith, they have strayed from the truth.
Oh and there is gold buried in Fort Knox.
We talked with the visitors to the Columbus Ships, they were expecting the romantic version of the truthiness about Christopher Columbus.
The harbor master told us that we were in restricted waters, I said, isn't it ironic, that your are telling us in a canoe, that we are restricted, and the Columbus ships are welcome into your safe harbor. The irony does not escape me.
Another successful action by the Michigan Canoe Team for truth and justice. We keep paddling.



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