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August 18, 2017

Quanah Parker Brightman -- Police Harassment in Pinole California

Quanah Parker Brightman -- Police Harassment in Pinole California

Quanah Parker Brightman, Lakota and son of Lehman Brightman, founder of United Native Americans, describes the harassment and false identification of him, and his friends, by police in Pinole,Calif. Across America, this type of out of control police action, illegal search and seizure, targeting of activists, and terrorizing of innocent people have led to tragedies, false arrests and murders of innocent people by police who are either out of control, fail to obtain the facts, or are targeting activists. -- Censored News

By Quanah Parker Brightman, Lakota
Censored News

PINOLE, Calif -- (Aug. 17, 2017) Not Feeling too good after my friends and I were the victims of harassment by Pinole Police Department.
The Police detained us at gun point in handcuffs. The Police never read us our Miranda Rights. Searched us for Guns. The Police claimed that someone driving a white van pointed a gun at someone. Even though we were in my friend's garage and not driving. They also raided my friend's home illegally. They searched us for weapons and came up with nothing.

You can clearly hear a Pinole Police Officer order innocent people whom were filming the incident into their homes or face arrest.
Grateful for our Community who Video Recorded Pinole Police Department violating our Civil Rights.
Watch video below.
Quanah Parker Brightman is the son of Lehman Brightman, founder of United Native Americans, who recently passed to the Spirit World.


Unknown said...

Their needs to be an independent investigation and some one from the ACLU step-up legal coverage for Lehman and his friends.
This type of Police harassment of Native Americans and folks of color is getting out of control and crosses the line of human civility. Also the peaceful arrest with neither of the accused shows a peaceful arrest and should be included as evidence in any court proceedings.
NOTE: the supreme court and various State Supreme/Superior Courts have stated Video Filming of any government official doing their duty is legal and cover by the Constitution of fair and legal evidence for an court to consider- reason why many Police departments employ BODY Cameras to protect both police and the accused. So the demand to get inside and stop filming was illegal and not enforceable, unless you audio record without warning the officers are being filmed with Audio.

No wonder we are in such a disastrous state of affairs within the nations Police departments - lack of training for various ethnic groups, protests, mental illness and drug situations. Majority of police are decent but are overshadowed by those few Mucho cops, who spoil it for everyone by their aggression.

Jim Danielski said...

The Pinole Police Department is the epitome of a department that has an extremely problematic treatment of the majority of the citizens they serve, especially minorities. I attended Pinole Valley High and as a teenager I had a few encounters with Pinole Police , and I was always treated as if I was an inferior individual and completely disrespected. The problems are widespread through out the entire department and have been for years and years. I had always assumed thats just how cops acted with the authoritative power trip chip on the shoulder. Until moving to an area served by the Contra Costa County Sheriff Dept. where I have always been treated with respect from every deputy I've ever encountered and realized not every law enforcement agency treats people as uncivilized as Pinole does. I hope this situation brings a real shake up in Pinole's Police Dept starting at the top because it is obviously where the problem starts in the officers they have chosen to create an entire force of officers who violate citizens rights.

Unknown said...

What you have said in your last sentence applies not only to the Pinole Police department but to any agency or Corporation. It does always start at the Top and always will be. They set the tone for everything that occurs throughout an Agency or Corporation, by Example, which then is copied. With the excuse if a problem happens: - Oh the chief or top people do it [no matter what has been said outside by the Media, Courts or Regular Folks. So if Pinole has an elected or appointed Chief of Police who is misogynistic, a bully, braggart, or a control freak who only leads by edicts/dogma. Whether against the general population or poor, minorities or ethnic/religious folks in the community, he needs to be removed and some one appointed to oversee the complete rehabilitation of the department and removal of persistent offenders [ not allowed to transfer to any other law enforcement agency in these United States and have his file put into a national data base so if he tries he will be caught- then needs to be jailed]
May sound very tough way to go forward, except all these law enforcement agencies work for "we the People" as protectors of the peace- would they not want there family members, relations or friends treated in a courteous and respectful manner?
Everyone needs to speak up when these things occur and request an INDEPENDENT inquiry, not done internally as they are biased [always]. Then we should see what you have experience where you live now!