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November 5, 2017

Censored News seeks sponsors for Native Americans to COP 23 Germany

Update Nov. 5th Germany -- Shutting down coal in Germany the day before COP23 begins.
Read article Aljazeera

Update: March against coal ahead of COP23

COP23 is in Bonn, Germany Nov. 6 -- 17, 2017

Update on Nov. 7, 2017: No Sponsors Yet for Censored News to COP23

Hi friends,
Censored News is seeking sponsors for a few of our hard working Native American writers to be part of the climate discussions at the peoples' World Climate Change Conference, in Bonn, Germany. World leaders will discuss the crisis of climate change at COP 23, Nov. 6 -- 17, 2017.8
The airfare cost for our longtime Native writers is $2,000 each, plus the cost of food and ground transportation.
If you can provide sponsorship, please contact me for more information.
Our Native writers have shared their work without pay over the past 12 years, exposing the censored news in Indian country, as they struggle against human rights violations in their homelands.
As Censored News publisher, I am also seeking a sponsor for my airfare to cover the peoples climate movement events at COP23.
During COP23, the International Trubunal on the Rights of Nature is Nov. 7--8, with Pablo Solon of Bolivia.

Thank you, Brenda
Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News

Censored News is now in its 12th year with no ads, grants, revenues or salaries, providing a news service focused on Indigenous Peoples and human rights.

World Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany (English, German, Spanish and Polish translations)

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Censored News is now in our 12th year, with no ads, grants or revenues. We are reader supported news.

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