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November 14, 2017

'Walk for Salmon' Yurok River People Photos by Bad Bear Part II

Photos and videos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson
on the Walk for Salmon, Seattle to San Francisco
Yurok Nation

Wounded Knee speaks on resistance and the power of prayer

Wounded Knee DeCampo, on The Walk for the Salmon, on the Yurok Nation, said, "As Indigenous People of this country, we will always continue to battle and fight for what we have left as Indigenous Peoples. We don't have weapons of mass destruction, but we have something very powerful, heart, our sage, tobacco, sweatgrass and prayer. And then we have something more powerful than what they have, it is the Creator, who created each and every one of us. The battle continues. Let nothing stand in your way If there is an obstacle standing in your way, trying to stop you, you go around, leave them there. You've got a message to deliver."
Listen to more on video, as Wounded Knee thanks the Yurok and walkers of The Longest Walk of 1978. Wounded Knee thanked the Yurok for dinner and walkers for sacrificing their time.


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Photos and videos copyright Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Censored News

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