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November 27, 2017

Dakota Ride -- Water Walk and Run 2017

Dakota Ride/ Water Walk and Run
In Honor of Women and Children from historical trauma — past & present. This journey will embrace All lives lost of our women MMIW and children and also from the toxic spills.
When: December 9th Youth Councils will be running from a safe area of recent bitumen oil spill site to the Sisseton Wahpeton Tribal Headquarters.
*Will resume the 10th from headquarters @8:30 to SWO Memorial Park to begin Ride & Water Walk
December 10th, 2017 - 26th @ Mankato Memorial site
Woc’ekiua Kag’a Prayers with our sacred fire. Circle up of horses and walkers.
Where: Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Memorial Park - Sisseton, SD @ 9:00 a.m.
Our journey will follow closely to the route our ancestors took when they fled the bloodshed in Dakota Uprising — Maps will be passed out.
* 12/10 begins at Sisseton Wahpeton Memorial Park - Sisseton, SD.
* 12/20 joining up in Birch Coulee with 38+2 Riders (that Ride begins 12/10 @ Crow Creek) >
* 12/26 Meet up with 38 Runners from Ft Snelling @ Mankato Memorial Site - time TBA
*We encourage Water Walkers to participate to heal our 4-direction waterways that affect all people (Continental Divide spreading of contamination. We invite all our relations who want change for our people.)
*Bring a vial of water from your territories to add to our Mni Wic’oni pale for healing prayers.
*Send vial if you can not attend with history:
Water walk, Po box 686, agency Village, SD 57262
*Sharon Day will assist with ceremony and blessing of Water Walk. Including Memorial prayers for MMIW.
How can you help?
Donate meals through pot luck — hay — feed — warm clothing
DONATE through: (our umbrella)
Indicate: for RIDE & Water Walk
Run sign up on Dec 9 -10:
Water Walk sign up info: for more info.
38 Dakota Memorial Run info: Ft. Snelling, St Paul, Dec 25th, gather 10pm.
Contact Šišokaduta email:
For more information please call:
Julian Boucher — 605-268-1484
We All Take Environmental Responsibility
All s’unka (dogs) welcome — must have shots — leash control.
No alcohol, drugs, profanity & cruelty to animals. Treat one another with respect.
For assurance in safety and well-being —
Sex offenders are asked to stay away — this is to ensure children participation.

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