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November 1, 2017

Leonard Peltier -- An appeal for compassion and freedom from Florida

Leonard Peltier -- An appeal for compassion and freedom from Florida

Report from Tampa, Oct. 31, 2017
By Paulette Co-director, International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee in Florida
Censored News
Greetings Friends, Supporters and Family.
Hard to start my report to you all without remembering our good friend and supporter Dennis J. Banks. He and Leonard traveled many miles together and he spoke often and eloquently for Leonard’s freedom ( will be greatly 
. We will send out Leonard’s statement later today, as it takes time to get messages from the prison.
On a new note the trip from Fargo was almost a 4 day drive, and thanks to friends and my social security we didn’t have to go into committee money except for a couple of tanks of gas and dinners. I was determined not to spend the small amount raised for Leonard’s legal team to make this move and we were successful. We arrived in Tampa FL. to our new committee office and home on Tuesday and have been working to put it together.
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While we were waiting for the Internet to be hooked up we had a meeting with lawyer to discuss trying to hire one or two legal researchers to go through the thousands of pages of Freedom of Information pages (FOIA) for new evidence that the lawyer can use to get Leonard back in to court. We are also looking into the possibility of a compassionate release due to age and physical problems. These issues are why we desperately need funds to continue the work, given Leonard’s age and health his time is on the short side of Freedom!

I did get to visit Leonard last Sunday. He was pleased that the move went well, and that he can have regular visits. One of the problems he mentioned was that he continues to have a shooting pain from hip to his foot. He was supposed to have a sonogram but it got cancelled due to fights in the prison and he said there was no telling when it will happen now but the pain drags him down and has affected his mobility to go to the Art room or Law Library.

We would like for people to politely write the Warden and ask why it has taken over a year for this issue with Leonard’s hip to get resolved? They have done test and x-rays and yet no relief for his pain. Neither a steroid shot or hip replacement has been offered Leonard.
You should send your letter to:
P.O. BOX 1023 COLEMAN, FL 33521
So, we are up and working to find ways to bring Leonard home. If you are in the Tampa area please call and come by to look at Leonard’s art work or have a cup of coffee and talk about supporting an event in your area for Leonard.116 W Osborne Ave Tampa, FL.33603 218-790-7667 We have a couple of speakers including myself that would be willing to speak for Leonard. While prayers support Leonard’s soul, the legal team needs money to do the work!
Thank you for your support
Paulette Co-director in Florida

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