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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Standing Rock Water Protectors Leave Paris for Brussels

Standing Rock Water Protectors Rafael Gonzales, friend, Rachel Heaton, Waste Win Young and Nataaniii Means.
Standing Rock Water Protectors led Paris for Brussels to join the 'Trump Not Welcome' Protest at NATO. Speaking out for Indigenous rights, divestment in pipelines, while performing in concerts and holding press conferences, the team is on an 11 city tour of Europe.
Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, shutting down bank funding pipelines in Paris.

The Paris Crew

Water protectors Rafael Gonzales, friend, Waste Win Young and Rachel Heaton.

Battling the Pipeline Snake in Paris
by Nataanii Means, Dineh/Lakota from Chinle, Navajo Nation

PARIS -- Nataanii Means, Dineh/Lakota, and Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, spoke to the shareholders of Société General, BNP, and Nataxis banks in Paris.

Nataanii Means said, “Rachel and I were the only ones allowed in with our translators. We were met with derogatory yelling, boo's, and confrontation. When we stated that these banks and their investments into overseas pipelines directly affect my people and community, people began to make so much noise meant to muffle our voices while we were speaking. We were treated with unbelievable disrespect.”

“This is what my cousin Wasté Win Young said: "This is what we are up against here. Similarly, it is what those who want to protect unči maka are up against world wide. It's not all fun and games. There are no cameras allowed in those meetings otherwise we would put blastation to the nation up. It is legit getting "gobdah'd"--putting our experiences out there and getting fed to the sharks. Must be thick skinned and ready to duel. Naye FR though. There are genuine people who listen that have the power to change things and those are the ones we need to get to, those are the targets--in a good way they said. Never been so happy to leave Pairee.”

Nataanii said, “I saw first hand the evil. This is a huge fight. We have to go from all angles. I never felt rage like that before. They had security at my side at all times too. Even followed me to the bathroom. I am not the threat here. Your investments are!”

Thank you to Rachel Heaton, Nataaanii Means, Waste Win Young, Rafaeal Gonzales, Paris supporters , water protectors, and photographers for sharing with Censored News.

Update: Water Protectors led parade of 12,000 in Brussels today, calling out: "Trump has got to go!" in Brussels:

Protest 'Trump Not Welcome'

Below -- Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, on news interview in Paris, 
with Standing Rock resistance images on air.

Tour expanded to 11 cities Through JuNe 20, 2017

From May 20th till June 20th, some activists of the Standing Rock’s movement will come to Europe for a solidarity tour called “Stand Up With Standing Rock”. 

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