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January 24, 2018

San Francisco Honors Indigenous Peoples, Dumps Columbus Day

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San Francisco, the newest city today(!) along with Berkeley (the US first in 1992) Seattle, Los Angeles, St. Paul, MN, Eugene, Oregon, and 49 other cities across the US; plus four states such as Alaska, South Dakota, Vermont and Minnesota, (and eleventh cities in California!) to have joined by adopting “Indigenous Peoples Day” the second Wednesday in October!  (Hear the vote at City Hall recorded today)

This is an historic occasion to briefly summarize the determined progression led by Indigenous peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere to challenge, reverse, and shatter the myths of the explorer and mercenary Cristobal Colon depicted as some sort of a glorified savior.

Since the beginning of 1492-1992, which marked 500 Years of Indigenous Peoples De-Colonization of the Americas, a Summit was held in Quito, Ecuador in 1990 to develop a strategy to begin to reverse Colonization.  It resulted in a Declaration with resolutions to change the image the media and western society have portrayed and romanticized Cristobal Colon.

That time has finally arrived in San Francisco today!  (The SF School District dropped Columbus Day from their calendars replaced instead with “Indigenous Peoples Day” last year).

The US recognized Columbus Day as a federal holiday since 1934. It is time to lend support within the US Congress starting among the Italian-American legislators to also consider replacing Columbus Day in the near future.  

This is an educational moment, too, for organizing an effort in your communities to remove Columbus Day and celebrate it instead with “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  Organize a Big Time!

The annual Bay Area Alcatraz Island Sun-Rise Gathering held each year on Monday, October (8), will indeed, be a glorious celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day!


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Tony Gonzales
AIM-WEST director


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