Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

April 9, 2018

Spirit Keepers in the Borderzone -- Postcard to the World

 El Tiradito Shrine for Migrants

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SOUTH TUCSON -- First there is the music, Sonoran music, then there is the laughter, and the food truck on the corner promising carne asada tacos. Over a bowl of albondigas and a quesadilla, memories are blended with the scents and sounds.
It is here, on the south side of Tucson, where the Zapatistas message of autonomy, dignity and no compromise, was rooted, from the beginning.
It is here, where thousands of Indigenous Peoples fleeing torture, assassination and disappearance in Central America were given sanctuary in a church, and were escorted to safety on the underground railroad.
It is here, where migrants are not just remembered, but the people walk into the Sonoran Desert in summer, in the melting 117 degrees, and search for the bodies of loved ones, mothers, fathers, and children.
They walk along the migrant trails, and leave water and food for the dying. They give medicine to the dying.
They remember the original teachings.
They are the Spirit Keepers.

April 9, 2018

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