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April 12, 2018

Leonard Peltier's Three Week Lockdown Has Been Lifted

Leonard Peltier's Three Week Lockdown Has Been Lifted
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Greetings, Friends and Family,
Happily I can report that the 3 week lockdown has been lifted and Sheridan (Leonard’s investigator) and I were finally able to visit. We have been pursuing legal representation for Leonard’s application for compassionate release, exploring parole hearing options, as well as options for reopening his case.
After 43 years of unlawful confinement, we realize how stretched his loyal supporters are. We know that many of Leonard’s supporters have their own personal struggles. Leonard has always been pained to know the sacrifices so many of you have made to support his cause, which we all know is bigger than he, alone. He has always prayed to find a way to express his gratitude in a meaningful way to you who have stood by him.
And so, we have some exciting news to share with you. We have affiliated with a company that can create some significant income for Leonard’s legal fund and at the same time contribute substantially to all his supporters. Not only is this opportunity a win-win situation for all of you who choose to participate and our organization but also this company’s mission is in line with Native American values.
The company is called Live Green and its mission is to make eating healthy and living eco-friendly lifestyles affordable with savings from 20 – 65% over retail costs on products you already use or would prefer to use! Live Green has free shipping from their wholesale Green Market, plus trees are planted with every transaction.
Live Green’s goal is to plant 20 million trees by 2020.
The company is also affiliated with over 500 retail companies where you already shop like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, Best Buy, PetSmart, Travelocity etc. with all products at savings and/or with cash back.
Rather than trying to explain how it works, the Board asks if you could make a commitment to check out Our gift to you is a free 14 day trial membership which will provide a 20 -65% discount from retail on the more than 23,000 products which support a healthy lifestyle.
When you see how this works, we hope you will take advantage of a membership which will support your family’s health as well as Leonard’s legal defense team and reforestation of mother earth.
There are two events happening this weekend that I want to let you know about; A Film Festival in Philly and a Pow Wow in Norman, OK.
Enjoy and please stop by the Peltier Table and see our new merchandise.
In Solidarity
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