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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mohawk Nation News 'No Fear'

Mohawk Nation News
MNN. The rich white farmer who who derived his wealth from theft of our land, shot the native boy in the head in an act of cold blooded murder. He was illegally found not guilty of murder in the racist Saskatchewan court! History repeats itself. That’s how the white man got all our possessions. Killing us is being justified. Hundreds of our youth are being murdered, disappeared and abused every year.  
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Hopi Vernon Masayesva -- 'Protect Indian Religious Rights under First Amendment'

Hopi Vernon Masayesva -- Protection of Indian Religious Rights Must Become Reality under First Amendment

Commentary by Vernon Masayesva
Founder/Executive Director, Black Mesa Trust
Censored News

The American Indian Religious Freedom Act – AIRFA – has been called a law with no teeth. Sadly, this is true. This is the law that the U.S. Congress passed to protect Native American sacred sites, among them the Colorado Plateau, which the Hopi call “Mother of the Fourth World,” a sanctuary for all mankind, our Mecca, our Vatican, our Jerusalem.

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