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September 12, 2019

Hawaii Destroys Library of Mauna Kea Protectors

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September 12 at 11:05 AM ·
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Article below by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MAUNA KEA -- Hawaii Sheriff and County officers tore down a little wooden library erected by Mauna Kea Protectors today, arresting two of the Protectors.
"They cut our flag," said one of the Protectors.
Pu’uhonua o Pu’uhuluhulu Maunakea, leaders of the protests on Mauna Kea said that “this is a highly emotional moment and we ask that everyone remain in kapu aloha as we get through this day.”
“We condemn every example of the state of Hawaii’s selective enforcement of the law, especially as it is currently targeting protectors. Undeterred by today’s actions of the state, all in the puuhonua remain united and committed to the protection of Maunakea in kapu aloha.”
Hawaiian News Now reports: "In an emailed statement, OHA Chairwoman Colette Machado and others with the agency said the removal 'brings into sharp focus the longstanding and particularly abhorrent double standard the state uses to enforce land use laws against Native Hawaiians as opposed to others.'"



Bud Logan said...

They look more like thugs than the police, this is such a sad day.

NKent805 said...

This is not how they treated the Malfeur invader in Oregon. They waited them out and treated them with Kid Gloves. The way they treat Native American water protecters and the Native Hawaiians who protect their sacred mountain is hypocritical and disgusting!!!

Unknown said...

Same colonial genocide....Indigenous people being sacrificed for European colonial capitalism everywhere...There is neither law nor justice when it comes to recognizing Indigenous humanity, lands, cultures, languages, and lives; just colonial violence....the resistance continues.....we salute and pray for the protection of the Mauna Kea Protectors.....The Aina and Spirit of Pele will protect them.....