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September 27, 2019

HAWAII: 28 Protectors Arrested Protecting Burial Grounds

Photo by Honolulu Star Advertiser


Photo by Kaniela Ing

Kaniela Ing said, "Police officers brought out an LRAD sonic weapon today at Sherwoods, and arrested at least 25 Kānaka Maoli who were peacefully protecting what they believe to be the grave site of their ancestors. Officers refused to give their badge number or charge information to legal observers. Arrestees were put in paddy wagons and separated into different police stations spread across the island. The Hawaii Community Bail Fund has been working to kokua all morning. #KapuAloha"



Screenshots of video by Censored News

Thursday: 28 arrested protecting Hunananiho, also known as Sherwood's Forest, currently undergoing destruction

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Hawaii News Now By Mileka Lincoln
Updated September 27 at 4:57 AM
HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Officers arrested 28 people Thursday who were blocking construction equipment and crews from accessing a Waimanalo park, where a controversial $32 million redevelopment project is underway. Several of those taken into custody pledged to return.
Scores of protesters started gathering early Thursday at the entrance to Sherwood Forest and Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, and more than 30 sat across the entrance road to block vehicle access.

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Unknown said...

Highways shut down rush hour on major bridge for our climate, grandma cuffing herself to the pipeline equipment...Native's being arrested for protecting there sacred ground.
Were not going away anytime soon...tribes uniting