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September 27, 2019

TODAY! Illinois Strike to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Doubling Sept. 27, 2019


Illinois Strike to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Doubling

Come strike and march with us to demand that Governor Pritzker declare a climate emergency in Illinois, ban fracking in Illinois, and halt the doubling of the Dakota Access pipeline.

We all know we are experiencing a man-made climate crisis and a major cause is the burning of fossil fuels. We also know the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) sparked unprecedented protests with vivid pictures of private security dogs biting Native American protesters. What some may not know is that DAPL is part of the Bakken System that pumps fracked oil from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast. Many may also not know that the owners of DAPL are asking Illinois regulators to approve doubling the flow to the Gulf Coast, thus doubling the flow that Illinois approved previously. To make matters worse, financial analysts tell us that all the increased flow of fracked oil will be exported to other countries with no benefit to Illinois or even US citizens, unless you profit from the pumping of more greenhouse gasses into our already sick atmosphere. If you think this is wrong and we must act now to address the climate emergency, please strike and march with us.

We have received word that the famous Black Snake of Death may raise its evil heads in this march, so do come early to join the team of volunteer heroes who will control this destructive pipeline snake as it winds its way through the streets of downtown Chicago. The artist, David Stocker, invites you be part of the snake team by contacting him via email:

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